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Siemens Partners With 80 Acres Farms To Scale Vertical Farming

AgTech company, 80 Acres Farms partners with Siemens.

In order to automate, regulate, and improve its facilities and procedures, 80 Acres Farms has teamed with Siemens USA. To assist in automating the production line, Siemens will install a number of edge devices and industrial automation technologies. In addition, edge devices and human-machine interfaces will be used to monitor and maintain the farms’ control systems. In order to forecast plant development under various situations, the business is also creating a digital twin that mimics the farm, plant growth, and production process. 80 Acres Farms has five producing farms in Ohio, one in Kentucky, one in Covington, Georgia, and two R&D centers in the Netherlands and Arkansas. To satisfy the demands for the world’s food supply, Siemens technology and funding are assisting 80 Acres Farms and its technological subsidiary, Infinite Acres, in growing.

The announcement of Siemens’ partnership with 80 Acres Farms. Operating five production farms in southwest Ohio, one new farm in Florence, Kentucky, one slated for construction in Covington, Georgia, and R&D facilities in Arkansas and the Netherlands. The two organizations have joined forces to deploy cutting-edge technology inside the agriculture business, supporting sustainable, wholesome, traceable, and more effective farming techniques. The partnership is supported by the first investment from Siemens Financial Services. With the help of Siemens’ broad range of software and hardware solutions, including advanced industrial automation technology and intelligent facility and energy management systems, 80 Acres Farms is in a good position to achieve its objective of streamlining and standardizing its operations with the aim of promoting global food security.

“Food is sometimes referred to as medication. Vertical farming offers a chance to make this idea a reality, and 80 Acres Farms’ utilization of technology is now serving as a model for this revolutionary method of food production “Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens USA, remarked. “What I see at 80 Acres Farms represents both the purpose and the power of the industrial technologies now easily accessible to us: the capability to invent anywhere and then scale our world-changing solutions everywhere,”

The whole partnership between 80 Acres and Siemens entails process and facility optimization, automation, and management. Siemens supports the industrialization and scaling of the company’s unique Loop platform, a comprehensive solution that includes crop management software and algorithms, environmental controls, robotics, and automation, in collaboration with the company’s technological subsidiary, Infinite Acres.

“Through a partnership with world-class technology partners like Priva, Ocado, and Signify, Infinite Acres developed the Loop platform. Our new collaboration and technology platform with Siemens, which utilizes a 360-degree approach across software and connected hardware solutions, from digital twins to advanced controls, raises the bar for collaboration and technology platforms “says Tisha Livingston, CEO of Infinite Acres and co-founder of 80 Acres Farms.

Image provided by Siemens representing Tisha Livingston, CEO Infinite Acres, Mike Zelkind, CEO 80 Acres, and Barbara Humpton, President and CEO of Siemens USA (left to right)


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