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Silver Oak Cellars Partners With Agtonomy

Agtonomy, an agtech software start-up, has teamed up with Silver Oak Cellars to pilot its innovative TeleFarmer™ solution in the vineyards of Napa Valley. The TeleFarmer™ solution includes software, apps, and an electric vehicle reference tractor that enables remote management of daily farming tasks increases efficiency and precision, and reduces the farm’s carbon footprint. Silver Oak Cellars aims to take its farming operations to the next level by leveraging the TeleFarmer™ solution to meet its economic and environmental goals. Agtonomy’s shared philosophy of climate-smart farming with Silver Oak Cellars makes this partnership a perfect fit.

“We are thrilled to partner with Agtonomy and leverage their TeleFarmer™ technology in our vineyards,” said David R. Duncan, the CEO of Silver Oak. He added, “Silver Oak has a reputation for not being an early adopter, but when I saw the advanced capabilities of Agtonomy’s solution, I knew it could take our farming operations to new heights. As one of the most sustainable wineries globally, we share Agtonomy’s philosophy of climate-smart farming. Agtonomy’s farmer-centric approach empowers us to manage our farming operations using cutting-edge technology that can revolutionize how we achieve our economic and environmental objectives.”


Agtonomy has identified the challenges faced by specialty crop farmers and is committed to partnering with growers in paid pilots, with the ultimate goal of transitioning quickly to broad-scale commercialization. The company plans to expand its farming services utilizing the TeleFarmer™ solution throughout California and beyond in 2023 and 2024.

Tim Bucher, the CEO and co-founder of Agtonomy stated, “Having Silver Oak partner with us is a great privilege. They are a good company in terms of its sustainable practices. In addition, they can provide valuable insights to help us improve and enhance our TeleFarmer™ solution before launching it to the market. This collaboration with such a reputable brand will showcase the impact and worth of our technology to the agriculture industry.”

The collaboration between Agtonomy and Silver Oak Cellars is a prime example of leveraging technology to make farming more sustainable, efficient, and profitable. As the world increasingly focuses on reducing carbon footprints, this partnership could set a positive precedent for the wine industry and agriculture.

Photo by Jaime Casap on Unsplash 

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