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Sollum Technologies Partners with Les Serres Bertrand

Les Serres Bertrand and Sollum join for LED-driven tomato cultivation in Québec, Championing a green agricultural future.
Key Takeaways:
  • Les Serres Bertrand, a leading greenhouse business, adopts Sollum Technologies’ advanced LED grow light system for its tomato greenhouse in Lanoraie, Québec.
  • This collaboration marks Les Serres Bertrand’s initial venture into LED technology.
  • Sollum Technologies’ unique solution is the only 100% dynamic LED lighting system that mimics the full spectrum of natural sunlight.
  • Both companies anticipate the partnership to transform tomato cultivation by enhancing produce quality and promoting sustainability.

Sollum Technologies, the trailblazer of a fully dynamic LED grow light system, has entered a promising partnership with Les Serres Bertrand. The latter, a renowned figure in the greenhouse sector, has committed to integrating the dynamic LED lighting solution from Sollum for its tomato greenhouse in Lanoraie, Québec.

Les Serres Bertrand has a long-standing reputation as a family-run venture. With establishments in both Mirabel and Lanoraie, the company has earned accolades for its dedication to premium local produce and ground-breaking agricultural techniques. Their specialization in growing the unique pink tomato, a preferred choice among Québec’s populace, complements their extensive offering of 12 other tomato variants. These products find their way to numerous grocery chains spread across the province.

Stéphane Bertrand, the proprietor of Les Serres Bertrand, expressed his enthusiasm about the collaboration, emphasizing the broader vision beyond mere LED integration. He said, “It’s our next journey towards innovation and perfection. By embracing Sollum’s LED grow light technology, we aim to redefine Québec’s agricultural future and offer unparalleled quality to consumers with an increasing penchant for locally sourced produce.”

Similarly, Kassim Tremblay, VP of Business Development at Sollum Technologies, shared the sentiment, lauding Les Serres Bertrand’s reputation in the greenhouse industry. Tremblay stated, “Their choice of our dynamic LED grow light solution is an affirmation of the transformative power of our technology and its harmony with eco-friendly farming practices. Our team, comprising technicians, agronomists, and horticulture experts, eagerly awaits supporting Les Serres Bertrand’s seamless transition to our LED solution, from the initial planning phase to the harvest, ensuring all their goals are satisfactorily achieved.”

About Sollum Technologies:

A Montreal-based firm, Sollum Technologies stands apart in LED lighting solutions. Founded in 2015, they’ve innovated the only wholly dynamic LED lighting system that modulates the Sun’s natural light spectrum to benefit enclosed spaces such as greenhouses, labs, and research hubs. Their cutting-edge solution boasts IoT, AI-driven light fixtures governed by the proprietary SUN as a Service® cloud platform. Their unique selling point lies in a scalable cleantech solution that offers distinct light management across multiple zones. Each zone enjoys the luxury of limitless light recipe dimming, ensuring remarkable energy savings, augmented productivity, and superior product quality for greenhouse growers. 

Image provided by Sollum Technologies

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