AgriBusiness Innovation Smart Farming’s AI Integration Nourishes Millions leverages AI to boost sustainable food production, impacting 30 million consumers and raising $39M for future innovations.
Key Takeaways:
  • has reached a significant milestone by partnering with over 200 greenhouses worldwide, impacting the production of vegetables for over 30 million consumers.
  • The company’s AI solutions drive sustainable and efficient food production, simulating plant behavior to optimize cultivation strategies.
  • has raised $39M in funding and is introducing groundbreaking products like Source Cultivate and Source Control, tailored to enhance greenhouse agriculture.
  • CEO Rien Kamman emphasizes empowering growers with AI to overcome industry challenges, aiming to sustainably increase access to nutritious food.
  •’s vision extends beyond current achievements, aiming to support all fruit and vegetable growers globally for a more sustainable food production system.

Three years into revolutionizing greenhouse agriculture, has established itself as a trailblazer in integrating artificial intelligence with farming. Its recent milestone of partnering with over 200 greenhouses globally marks a significant achievement in the company’s history. Based in the Netherlands, now plays a pivotal role in producing fresh tomatoes, peppers, and cucumbers, catering to the dietary needs of more than 30 million consumers.

Source. ag’s collaboration with elite greenhouse growers is a testament to its commitment to safe, reliable, and climate-resilient food production. The AI solutions provided by are not just software packages; they are a nexus of millions of data points from climate, biology, and resource usage, processed to simulate plant behavior and cultivate crops optimally. This technology enables growers to manage their operations more efficiently, transforming greenhouse agriculture into a profitable and globally scalable endeavor.

At the heart of’s success is its focus on crucial vegetable segments, such as tomatoes and peppers. The company’s ambition is to aid every fruit and vegetable grower in harnessing greenhouse agriculture’s benefits. This form of agriculture is sustainable and incredibly efficient, yielding up to 15 times more produce than traditional farming and using significantly less water.

CEO and co-founder Rien Kamman will showcase the company’s innovative approach and rapid growth at the Web Summit, where he will discuss’s strategy in harnessing AI for plant biology and its hypergrowth journey. has achieved rapid expansion and secured substantial financial backing, with $27M raised in its Series A financing, totaling $39M in funding. These funds are earmarked for developing and deploying revolutionary products like Source Cultivate. This technology utilizes a digital twin of greenhouse facilities and can predict resource usage and yield outcomes throughout the season tailored to specific crop cultivars.

Another exciting product in the pipeline is Source Control. This system enhances cultivation strategies by autonomously generating and executing irrigation strategies. Combining AI, weather forecasts, and real-time plant development data, Source Control considers the growers’ cultivation preferences, allowing for a tailored approach to agriculture.

With the vision of increasing access to fresh produce and empowering growers through AI, is not just a company but a movement towards a more sustainable and resilient food system for the future.

Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash 

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