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Square Roots Opens New Facility in Kentucky in Partnership With Gordon Food Service

Square Roots Grow Opens New Facility in Kentucky

Building indoor farms across the continent has been a collaboration between Square Roots and Gordon Food Service. In the past year, Square Roots has set up brand-new, contiguous farms on the grounds of distribution hubs in Springfield, Ohio, and Kenosha, Wisconsin. The new Shepherdsville plant employs the most recent Square Roots platform, which boasts a variety of automated technologies and enhances yields by 30%. Square Roots cultivates a wide range of fresh greens, salad mixes, and herbs including basil, dill, parsley, and cilantro. All product sold by Square Roots comes in packaging that may be recycled and recyclable and has a minimum 14-day enhanced shelf life.

Gordon Food Service, and Square Roots, announced the establishment of a new climate-controlled indoor farm in Shepherdsville, Kentucky. With the ultimate goal of providing locally-grown food to consumers on a worldwide scale, Square Roots and Gordon Food Service have been constructing indoor farms together throughout the continent since forging their strategic collaboration in 2019. Square Roots has set out brand-new, contiguous farms atop Gordon Food Service distribution hubs in Kenosha, Wisconsin; Springfield, Ohio; and, most recently, Shepherdsville, Kentucky, all within the last calendar year.

“Working with Gordon Food Service, we’ve tripled our aggregate growing capacity this year while entering three new strategic markets across America’s heartland,” said Tobias Peggs, Co-Founder and CEO of Square Roots on the company’s press release. “This rapid expansion is purely driven by customer demand for our locally-grown food. And it’s been enabled by our scalable smart-farm platform — which we’ve shown can be replicated in multiple new locations, quickly and cost-effectively.”

The newest Square Roots platform, which combines a range of automation technologies for crucial processes including sowing, harvesting, and sanitization, and boosts yields by 30%, is on display at the new Shepherdsville facility. The local team utilizes Square Roots’ exclusive software within the farm to handle every element of growth, from scheduling production jobs to keeping an eye on plant health. For the highest standards in food safety, all Square Roots farms are USDA Harmonized GAP+ Certified.

According to Rich Wolowski, president and chief executive officer of Gordon Food Service, “Together, Gordon Food Service and Square Roots are making locally grown, fresh food available to our consumers all year long, regardless of exterior weather conditions.” Every new farm we establish advances us toward our common objective of enabling local food on a global scale.”

The Square Roots team in Shepherdsville will soon be harvesting long-lasting herbs, nutritious salad mixes, and chef-favorite microgreens. The facility has been sized to produce over 3 million packages of herbs and leafy greens annually. All Square Roots produce has at least 14 days of extended shelf life, is completely free of pesticides and GMOs, and is sold in recycled and recyclable packaging.

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