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Surna Cultivation Technologies to Offer Water Treatment Solutions

Surna Cultivation Technologies

Surna Cultivation Technologies LLC, a subsidiary of CEA Industries Inc. (NASDAQ: CEAD), announced another expansion to its products and services offerings to include a portfolio of water treatment solutions. In its press release, the company says that it “understands the need for pure, clean water to ensure consistent and healthy crops and will provide a comprehensive water treatment system based on clients’ unique water treatment needs”.

Indeed, back in 2021 FDA visited BrightFarms greenhouse farm in Rochelle, Illinois, and collected samples for testing. They found a different Salmonella strain (Salmonella Liverpool) in an indoor pond where BrightFarms grew lettuce. The PulseNet system did not identify anyone who got sick from this strain. FDA also found the outbreak strain of Salmonella Typhimurium in an outdoor stormwater drainage pond beside the farm. However, investigators were unable to determine how this pond became contaminated.

“Surna recognizes that not all water is the same and can vary widely from location to location,” stated Leandru Schiau, Surna Product Manager. “For example, a cultivator on the west coast may have different water chemistries than one on the east coast. Surna can now provide a holistic water purification solution, designed to the cultivator’s water quality, peak water demands, and storage needs.”

The comprehensive water treatment solutions now available from Surna include water sampling, system design, equipment supply, and system integration. With the technologies available, Surna can provide condensate collection, including the ability to treat and purify the water stream so it can be reintroduced as a pure water source, offering a financial and environmentally sustainable solution for water conservation.

Surna will work with cultivators and provide the necessary technologies to purify water including Reverse Osmosis, Carbon Filtration, Multi-Media Filtration, Water Softeners, and Ultraviolet water treatment. Every cultivator is unique, and Surna will provide the right water purification system suited to their needs.

Image provided by Surna Cultivation Technologies

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