Swegreen's partnership with EDEKA and their merchants Stadler + Honner brings innovative in-store vertical farming to Munich.
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Swegreen and EDEKA Partner

Swegreen, a pioneering innovator in in-store and vertical farming, has joined forces with EDEKA, one of Europe’s premier supermarket chains, along with their esteemed merchants Stadler + Honner. This g partnership not only marks a significant stride in Swegreen’s global expansion but also sets a precedent for how the retail industry can contribute to a greener and more environmentally conscious future.

EDEKA, a stalwart in the European retail arena with an impressive network of over 6500 stores across Germany, possesses the ideal platform for introducing innovations that cater to the changing preferences of modern consumers. The collaboration’s first tangible outcome is set to take root in Munich, Germany, where the first in-store facility powered by Swegreen’s cutting-edge technology is scheduled to be established.

Swegreen’s CEO, Pierre Mohlin, has expressed his enthusiasm for this transformative venture, asserting, “International expansion has been an integral part of our vision for 2023, and we are delighted to realize it with one of the biggest and most respected names in the industry.” The partnership with EDEKA and Stadler + Honner is not just a strategic maneuver; it represents a pivotal juncture in the journey toward making locally grown, sustainable, and fresh produce readily available to consumers in Germany and beyond.

The world’s appetite for high-quality sustainable alternatives has been burgeoning, and Germany exemplifies this global trend. The conscious consumer is increasingly concerned about the ecological repercussions of their choices, spurring businesses to innovate and cater to these changing demands. This partnership between Swegreen and EDEKA, with its private merchants like Stadler + Honner, bridges the gap between consumer preferences and innovative agricultural practices, ushering in an era of ecologically friendly and locally sourced produce.

Daniel Honner, an EDEKA merchant and store owner in Munich, emphasizes the strategic significance of this alliance with Swegreen. “We are renowned for our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and providing an exceptional shopping experience,” he says. “We see this collaboration as an opportunity to further enhance our offerings to customers. By introducing Swegreen’s vertical farming technology in our stores, we aim to revolutionize the availability of fresh, local, and top-quality greens while providing a very futuristic shopping experience.”

The agreement, finalized in mid-July, is expected to result in the installation of the pioneering in-store facility during the autumn of 2023. This venture serves as a testament to the aligned goals of both Swegreen and EDEKA Stadler + Honner, fostering positive change in the food and retail sectors while forging a more sustainable future. As the installation progresses, consumers in Munich and beyond eagerly anticipate the introduction of this innovative and eco-friendly approach to food production. To revolutionize the cultivation and supply of fresh produce, Swegreen’s state-of-the-art vertical farming facilities enable efficient and eco-friendly on-site cultivation, granting consumers access to locally grown, premium-quality greens.

The Swegreen-EDEKA partnership symbolizes the convergence of innovation, sustainability, and consumer preferences, encapsulating the spirit of progress that is essential in building a greener and more prosperous future. As this collaboration unfolds, it stands as a beacon of inspiration for other businesses to embrace environmentally friendly practices and cater to the evolving demands of conscious consumers.

Image provided by EDEKA

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