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Taurus Agricultural Marketing Partners with Ostara

Taurus and Ostara Partner

In a groundbreaking move towards promoting sustainable farming, Ostara and Taurus Agricultural Marketing have announced a long-term partnership to distribute sustainable, high-efficiency phosphate fertilizers in western Canada. Taurus Ag will exclusively distribute Ostara’s Crystal Green and Crystal Green Synchro 50 fertilizers in this region, marking a significant step in pushing the boundaries of sustainable and efficient farming practices.

Crystal Green is a sustainable, granular phosphate fertilizer that has already made a name for itself in North American and European markets. Crystal Green Synchro 50, on the other hand, is an entirely homogeneous phosphate fertilizer replicating a 50:50 physical blend of Crystal Green and MAP (Monoammonium Phosphate). These innovative fertilizers from Ostara provide growers with a highly efficient and sustainable source of phosphorus that promotes crop growth and development.

Taurus Ag, a leader in bringing innovative and agronomically sound products to Canadian growers, sees the partnership with Ostara as a significant stride in its mission. Partnering with Ostara provides access to the best phosphate fertility technology, enabling the company to offer Canadian growers highly effective and sustainable fertilizers.

“Crystal Green fertilizers have been tested and proven in various North American and European markets,” said a spokesperson for Taurus Ag. “We are thrilled to bring significantly more product to farms in western Canada, reflecting our commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the economic success of our growers.”

The partnership is set to substantially increase the availability of Crystal Green fertilizers in the Western Canadian region. It signifies a shared vision between Ostara and Taurus Ag. Both companies are keenly focused on supplying western Canada with significantly more tonnes of sustainable and high-efficiency Crystal Green fertilizers.

By focusing on the distribution of sustainable, innovative, and agronomically sound fertilizers, this partnership hopes to help western Canadian farmers improve their crop yields while maintaining a careful stewardship of the environment. The collaboration between Ostara and Taurus Ag is expected to significantly influence the future of sustainable farming in Western Canada.

Photo by Soo Ann Woon on Unsplash 

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