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Startup Nation Central & Microsoft Collaborate to Promote Israeli AgriFood Tech

Startup Nation Central and Microsoft have announced a collaboration to promote Israeli AgriFood Tech startups in the international marketplace. The partnership aims to link agricultural data, cloud computing, and machine learning technologies with Microsoft’s AI tools to build long-lasting models for efficient and sustainable agriculture throughout the entire value chain.

Microsoft AgriFood CTO Ranveer Chandra will lead a collaboration to discover innovative Israeli companies that use agricultural data for advanced applications. In addition, the partnership aims to explore integrating these technologies into Microsoft’s cloud-based agriculture-focused business tools.

Startup Nation Central and Microsoft will team up to identify Israeli startups and relevant technologies in the AgriFood Tech sector. Then, they will launch a series of tech challenges, starting with two challenges: water management and sustainable agriculture. These challenges are already underway.

Saturas, an Israeli agtech company, has developed an InTree™ sensor-based intelligence system that enables accurate wide-scale health tree management for high-value crops and forestry. Saturas’ tree model will be showcased at 15 Microsoft locations worldwide to promote the new platform, highlighting the success of the collaboration.

Projini AgChem, another Israeli startup, is discovering and developing new pesticides that target the cellular machinery known as the protein-protein interactions network. By using AI to innovate the crop protection industry for sustainability, pesticide safety, and pesticide-resistant control, the company is opening new horizons for the sector.

The collaboration between Startup Nation Central and Microsoft promises to advance the Israeli AgriFood Tech ecosystem, providing valuable resources and international exposure for these innovative startups. In addition, this partnership underscores the growing importance of AI, data, and cloud technologies in shaping the future of sustainable agriculture.

Photo by Green Prophet on Unsplash 

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