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The 2023 Vertical Farming World Awards

Dive into the 2023 Vertical Farming World Awards finalists, showcasing global excellence in crop technology and sustainability.

The stage is set, and the finalists are ready to showcase their revolutionary work as we inch closer to the 2023 Vertical Farming World Awards. With the grand ceremony scheduled on the 10th of October at the much-anticipated 2023 Vertical Farming World Congress in London, excitement is building. An online streaming option is available for those unable to attend in person, ensuring no one misses the grandeur.

Organized by Zenith Global, the awards are a testament to their commitment to recognizing and celebrating excellence and innovation in the fast-evolving vertical farming industry. This year’s awards feature ten distinct categories that touch upon different aspects of vertical farming, ranging from crop innovations to technological advancements.

The Pioneers of Vertical Farming: Here are the Finalists

Best Crop Innovation
Best Crop Enhancement
Best Yield Improvement
Best Technology Development
  • ELLEPOT A/S – Ellepot Sleeve System
  • Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd– Singapore SG Aquaponic
  • TTA – harvest: Advanced harvester for indoor crops
  • Vertical Future – Real-time monitoring with ChronoTherm Technology
Best AI/Automation Development
Best Farm Design Innovation
  • Agritecture Designer – The pioneering CEA design software
  • Artechno Growsystems – AVF+ Automated Vertical Farming
  • Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd– Singapore SG Aquaponic
  • Vertical Future – INFT
Best New Vertical Farming Facility
  • 80 Acres Farms – A vast facility in Kentucky, enhancing production by over 300%
  • Bowery – Bowery Bethlehem
  • Nippon Koi Farm Pte Ltd – Singapore SG Aquaponic
  • Soli Organic – Soli Organic’s Anderson Facility.
Best Product Marketing
Best Business Diversification/Development
  • Bowery – Bowery Salad Kits
  • CEA Advisors – Partnership with Hydrofarm
Best Sustainability Initiative
  • ELLEPOT A/S – A massive 18.4-ton reduction in plastic usage.
  • Ljusgårda/Supernormal Greens – 50% CO2e reduction, verified by an independent LCA
  • Spread – Techno Fresh
  • Vertical Future – Light diets that are kinder to our planet.

To catch all the action from the 2023 Vertical Farming World Congress and the award ceremony, visit Zenith Global’s event page

Image provided by Zenith Global

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