The HC Companies Introduce Low-Profile Tray

The HC Companies Introduce Low-Profile Tray. Horticulture; Indoor Farming; Vertical Farming

Key Takeaways

  1. The HC Companies, a leading manufacturer of horticultural containers, have launched the Low-Profile Tray, setting new standards for efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.
  2. The tray is made from #5 polypropylene, which is highly recyclable and has a lower carbon footprint than traditional #6 polystyrene trays.
  3. The Low-Profile Tray features an open frame design that reduces soil waste by up to 98% and allows for easier automation.
  4. Its ergonomic design enables one person to carry up to four trays simultaneously, doubling the previous limit.
  5. The tray’s design has resonated well with consumers due to its focus on environmental sustainability.

The HC Companies, North America’s leading manufacturer of horticultural containers, has introduced the Low-Profile Tray, a groundbreaking innovation in horticultural engineering. This new category of horticulture trays aims to set a radically new standard for industry efficiency, productivity, and sustainability.

Material Efficiency and Recyclability

Unlike conventional trays from #6 polystyrene, the Low-Profile Tray is crafted from #5 polypropylene. This material is highly recyclable and has a 75% lower cradle-to-resin carbon footprint per pound of plastic compared to polystyrene. The tray features 30% less resin content by weight without compromising its durability, making it a sustainable choice.

Operational Efficiencies

The Low-Profile Tray arrives pre-assembled with 10 four-inch round, one-pint pots and pre-oriented tag slots, expediting the setup, assembly, and tagging process. This pre-assembled system saves up to 20% warehouse space compared to typical bulk pallets of pots and eliminates product overages of extra pots or trays.

Eco-Friendly and Space-Saving Design

The tray’s open frame design allows excess soil to fall through and be reclaimed, reducing soil waste by as much as 98%. Additionally, its nesting design allows 50 Low-Profile Trays to occupy the same space as eight traditional trays, freeing up valuable floor space.

Ergonomic Benefits

The ergonomic design of the Low-Profile Tray enables one person to comfortably carry up to four fully loaded trays at once, effectively doubling the previous carrying capacity. The tray’s handles and smooth side rails also eliminate the risk of cuts from sharp edges commonly found in polystyrene trays.

Automation and Retail Display

Ideal for automated systems, the Low-Profile Tray has a larger exposed pot surface for branding or labeling and ensures consistent triggering of automated labeling, transplanting, or staging systems. Its uniform design creates a sleek, professional retail display and maximum container space for a prominent logo and branding display.

Consumer Reception

“The sustainability of the Low-Profile Tray has resonated extremely well with consumers,” said Mark Hembree, Senior Product Marketing Manager at The HC Companies. “Once they learn that the tray uses less material, is made from recycled content, and is highly recyclable, they react favorably to the new design.”

Image provided by The HC Companies

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