FoodTech company, TiNDLE Foods Expands into Plant-Based Milks, Ice Creams, and Sausage
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TiNDLE Foods Expands into Plant-Based Milks, Ice Creams, and Sausage

TiNDLE Foods, a leading food tech company formerly known as Next Gen Foods, has announced its expansion into new categories, including plant-based milks, ice creams, and sausages. The company is reinforcing its commitment to creating a sustainable food system by offering a diverse range of high-quality and tasty products.

Expansion into New Categories

The expanded TiNDLE Foods platform will continue to develop, produce, and sell its existing line of TiNDLE Chicken products, while introducing brand-new plant-based foods, including dairy and meat analogues. The company’s Chief Technology Officer, John Seegers, and his team will leverage their extensive experience in plant protein and product development to create a more varied product range.

Later this year, the company plans to launch its first range of plant-based sausages, including Bratwurst, Italian, and Savory Breakfast sausages. The recent acquisition of dairy startup Mwah! will also enable TiNDLE Foods to roll out new plant-based milks and further develop its collection of creamy gelatos. The company had a limited launch of its signature Madagascan Vanilla Gelato in select London eateries this past spring.

New Brand Identity

Along with the expansion, TiNDLE Foods is unveiling a new brand identity that presents a bold and modern aesthetic. This redesign is led by the company’s newly-established in-house creative agency, overseen by Vice President of Brand and Creative, Borna Bayat. The new TiNDLE Foods identity is expected to begin rolling out later this year on select packaging.

Borna Bayat explained that the brand relaunch is more than just a new look; it’s a visual representation of the company’s commitment to creating a sustainable and delicious future.

Mission and Growth

Founded in 2020 by Andre Menezes and Timo Recker, TiNDLE Foods aims to reduce reliance on animal agriculture, which contributes nearly 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions. The brand name TiNDLE is a reference to 19th-century Irish physicist John Tyndall, who proved the connection between atmospheric CO2 and the greenhouse effect.

CEO and Co-Founder Andre Menezes emphasized that the new TiNDLE Foods marks a significant milestone in providing great food experiences to help transition to a more sustainable food system.

Since its inception, TiNDLE Foods has raised $130 million in funding and has successfully brought its flagship product, TiNDLE Chicken, to market. The plant-based chicken is now available in thousands of restaurants and grocery stores worldwide, including Michelin-starred establishments and major retailers like the EDEKA Group and Morrisons.

Image provided by TiNDLE FOODS

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