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Treasury Wine Estates Tries Out Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer™ Technology for Enhanced Farming Operations

AgTech company AgTonomy unveils new solution

One of the world’s leading wine producers, Treasury Wine Estates, has announced its participation in a trial of Agtonomy’s TeleFarmer™ technology. This innovative solution, which includes software, apps, and an electric vehicle reference tractor, will help specialty crop farmers remotely manage and execute tasks with greater efficiency and precision.

The TeleFarmer™ solution addresses labor shortages in agriculture and reduces farming operations’ carbon footprint. Through the collaborative program, Treasury Wine Estates and Agtonomy aim to refine the technology for vineyard and other crop applications and to understand how it can improve overall farming outcomes and provide a return on investment.


“Treasury Wine Estates is thrilled to embark on a partnership with Agtonomy to test the innovative TeleFarmer™ technology at several of our locations in California. This trial represents a significant step forward in our journey towards adopting cutting-edge farming tools,” said Simon Graves, Director of Vineyard Operations at Treasury Americas, a subsidiary of Treasury Wine Estates. “By working with Agtonomy, we hope to perfect the solution for vineyards and other crops, benefiting specialty crop farmers everywhere. Moreover, this collaborative program will give our teams valuable upskilling opportunities.”

Agtonomy is committed to sustainable practices and partners with agricultural producers who share this commitment. The TeleFarmer™ solution demonstrates the company’s commitment to utilizing technology to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of agriculture. Using this innovative solution, Treasury Wine Estates will be better equipped to manage its operations and maintain the high standards of quality that have made them a leader in the wine industry.

The TeleFarmer™ solution will be on display at the World Ag Expo, allowing attendees to see the technology in action and learn more about its capabilities. This exciting development in agriculture promises to improve farming outcomes and reduce agriculture’s environmental impact, making it a win-win for both farmers and consumers.

Image provided by Agtonomy

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