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Triplebar’s Evolution: Reshaping Food & Biopharma Frontiers

Triplebar's $20M boost is pioneering sustainable food and biopharma innovations with their Hyper-Throughput™ platform.
Key Takeaways
  1. Triplebar secures $20M funding: The company aims to further expand its product portfolio in the food and biopharmaceutical sector.
  2. Hyper-Throughput™ platform: Triplebar’s innovative technology integrates various domains to miniaturize and accelerate evolution, presenting a promising future for sustainable food sources and novel drug discoveries.
  3. Significant partnerships solidified: Collaborations with companies like Umami Bioworks and FrieslandCampina emphasize Triplebar’s commitment to sustainable and efficient production methodologies.
  4. Strong backing from influential investors: Synthesis Capital led the investment round, showcasing belief in Triplebar’s potential to make a significant impact on the food and health sectors.
  5. A powerhouse board: With industry leaders like Rosie Wardle, Dr. Howard Levine, Dave Friedberg, and CEO Maria Cho, Triplebar’s board boasts a wealth of knowledge and experience.

Founded on a vision of creating a world of abundance, Triplebar Bio recently announced a significant $20M in new funding to enhance its footprint in the food and biopharmaceuticals sectors. The company stands out with its groundbreaking Hyper-Throughput™ screening platform, hailed as the “microprocessor for biology.” Integrating hardware, software, biology, and biochemistry, this platform is set to revolutionize the production of animal proteins and the discovery of therapeutic drug candidates.

Triplebar CEO Maria Cho acknowledged the unwavering support of their investors, emphasizing the mutual belief in the mission of reducing humanity’s footprint. She also thanked their corporate partners, ranging from major multinational corporations to budding businesses.

The funding round, led by Synthesis Capital and supported by investors such as Essential Capital, Stray Dog Capital, iSelect Fund, and The Production Board, reflects the industry’s confidence in Triplebar’s trajectory. Rosie Wardle of Synthesis Capital underscored the transformative potential of Triplebar’s technology, emphasizing the need for alternative products to match traditional animal-based proteins in taste, price, convenience, and nutrition.

Affiliated with The Production Board (TPB), a venture foundry focusing on resolving planet-critical challenges, Triplebar has seen impressive growth over the years. The company’s collaborations, like those with Umami Bioworks for cultivated seafood and FrieslandCampina for essential human nutrition ingredients, underscore its commitment to sustainable and innovative solutions.

A glance at Triplebar’s expanded board unveils a lineup of influential industry players, from Rosie Wardle’s strong investor background to Dr. Howard Levine’s extensive experience in biomanufacturing. Their combined expertise promises a bright future for Triplebar.

Triplebar Bio, Inc. harnesses nature’s evolutionary capabilities to solve pressing challenges in our food and healthcare systems. By miniaturizing evolution with its proprietary platform, it is poised to reshape the future of nutrition and disease treatment. Their focus ranges from bioactives and cultured meat in the food sector to groundbreaking biologics in healthcare.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash 

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