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UPL Ltd. Inaugurates Global NPP Research Center in Mexico

UPL Ltd. opened a Global Research Center in Mexico to advance sustainable agricultural biosolutions and improve global food security.
Key Takeaways:
  1. Inauguration of the Global NPP Research Center: UPL Ltd., a leader in sustainable agricultural solutions, has opened its Global Natural Plant Protection (NPP) Research Center in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico, marking a significant advancement in agricultural research and innovation.
  2. Focus on Biosolutions and Sustainability: The center will specialize in developing biosolutions, utilizing naturally-derived active ingredients for agricultural purposes. This aligns with UPL’s commitment to sustainable practices and reducing environmental impact.
  3. Collaborative and High-Tech Facility: The state-of-the-art greenhouse and research facility will serve as a collaborative hub, partnering with local and international universities and research institutions to foster scientific excellence and practical application in agriculture.
  4. Enhancing Global Food Security: The NPP Research Center aims to address critical agricultural challenges, such as improving crop resilience and soil health and dealing with environmental stress factors, thereby contributing positively to global food security.
  5. UPL’s Strategic Growth and Vision: This research center represents a key milestone in UPL’s strategic growth, reflecting the company’s mission to reimagine sustainability and its OpenAg® initiative for a more connected and sustainable agricultural industry.

UPL Ltd., recognized globally for its sustainable agricultural solutions, recently celebrated the opening of its Global NPP Research Center in Ramos Arizpe, Mexico. This initiative places UPL at the forefront of agricultural innovation and sustainability.

The center, equipped with modern technology and specialized equipment, is designed to advance natural solutions in agriculture. By focusing on biosolutions, the center will develop agricultural inputs derived from natural sources, such as seaweed extracts and micro-organisms. These solutions are integral to UPL’s extensive Natural Plant Protection portfolio, addressing a wide range of applications from enhancing crop resilience to improving soil health, all while minimizing environmental impacts.

Mike Frank, CEO of UPL Corporation Ltd., emphasized the significance of the new facility, stating, “This significant investment will continue to add value for growers and strengthen our focus on differentiated and sustainable solutions.” He expressed pride in the inauguration, highlighting its role in advancing global agricultural practices.

Jai Shroff, Group UPL CEO & Chairman, reflected on the center’s alignment with UPL’s mission, “The NPP Research Center reflects UPL’s mission to Reimagining Sustainability and our OpenAg commitment to building an ecosystem of connectivity and collaboration.” He further noted the center’s potential impact on addressing key agricultural challenges and improving global food security.

This research and development investment solidifies UPL’s position as a global leader in sustainable agricultural solutions. With an annual revenue exceeding $6 billion, UPL is a purpose-led company focused on redefining industry standards through innovation and sustainability. Its OpenAg® initiative aims to accelerate progress for the food system by fostering a network open to new ideas and solutions.

As one of the largest agriculture solutions companies worldwide, UPL’s comprehensive portfolio includes biologicals and traditional crop protection solutions. The company’s presence spans over 130 countries, backed by a team of over 10,000 professionals globally.

The opening of the Global NPP Research Center is more than just a facility; it’s a testament to UPL’s dedication to sustainable agriculture and its vision for a food system that embraces innovation and collaboration for a more sustainable future.

Image provided by UPL

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