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Urban Health Farms & Botany Group Further Collaboration

Venlo urban farm

With the arrival of ‘The Urban Health Farms Campus’ (UHF Campus) in Venlo, Botany is intensifying its collaboration with the Urban Health Farms: a European player in the field of indoor vertical farming.

The two companies have been working closely together as partners in the field of vertical farming for a long time. Development of cultivation recipes for Urban Health Farms has been taking place at BrightBox (part of the Botany Group) since November 2022. The intensification of the collaboration means that Botany Group and Urban Health Farms will scale up in R&D and employee training for Urban Health Farms. For this purpose, the Urban Health Farms Campus (UHF Campus) is being established by both parties on Brightlands Campus Venlo (where Brightbox is currently located).

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Urban Health Farm Campus
The UHF Campus will be the place where education, training and R&D take place under the supervision of scientists, researchers, technical engineers and growers. Botany takes on this supervision and execution. The company has been carrying out innovation projects for years for organizations that produce products and services in fully controlled crops. Botany has therefore built up many years of very diverse knowledge in the field of vertical farming.

Future plans

Urban Health Farms is a suitable partner for Botany in this regard. Both companies are working to create a market shift from regular food production to a more sustainable way of producing food for the next generation. With beautiful, ambitious plans for the future to become the largest indoor vertical farm operator, both companies are excited about the collaboration.

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According to UHF’s press release, effective immediately, Peter Korsten, CEO of Botany Group will join UHF as a partner and Chief of Agronomy. His role will include founding and running The UHF Campus in Venlo and will be supported by the experienced Botany staff through their wide range of expertise in different fields. As an established name in the industry, Botany Group carries out various innovation projects for international organizations in the crop protection industry, fertilizer industry, and suppliers for agriculture and horticulture, among others. Along with the growing in-house expertise, UHF now has access to a variety of infrastructure, as well as a number of specialists through the Botany partnership. The acquisition of the BrightBox facilities in Venlo by UHF will create a running start for The UHF Campus.

“I am excited about the new partnership and extended cooperation, and will be challenged to set the next step in creating the market shift towards the most durable way to produce fresh food for the next generation,” said Peter. “By joining the UHF team, I not only develop, educate and speak about this durable way of producing but also will take part in this production shift. For me, this will complete the development circle. For Botany, the partnership with UHF gives extra impetus to further develop the knowledge in the field of indoor farming and widen the scope of BrightBox activities of Botany.”

Founder and Managing Director of Urban Health Farms Bernard Sleijster is also looking forward to the expanded partnership through the Botany Group and the experience Peter brings as Chief of Agronomy.

“For UHF the cooperation flattens the road to integrate existing plant knowledge to create a solid agronomical backbone. The UHF Campus in Venlo is an ongoing educational possibility to create the best management and operating staff and will support the company’s ambitious expansion goals.”

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