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Varda and Ever.Ag Partner

Varda partners with Ever.Ag to integrate Global FieldID™ into FieldAlytics, boosting supply chain traceability and trust in food production. AgTech; AgriTech; Agriculture Technology; Smart Farming
Key Takeaways:
  1. Partnership Announcement: Varda, an agtech startup founded by Yara, has partnered with Ever.Ag, a leader in agricultural technology services.
  2. Integration of Global FieldID™: Varda’s Global FieldID™ (GFID) will be incorporated into Ever. Ag’s farm management information system, FieldAlytics, enhancing traceability in the agriculture supply chain.
  3. Enhanced Traceability and Consumer Trust: This integration aims to provide seamless tracking of produce from planting to processing, increasing transparency and consumer trust in food production.
  4. Large-Scale Collaboration and Adoption: The partnership, set to launch in December 2023, is poised to integrate GFID across FieldAlytics’ extensive network of over 3 million field boundaries.
  5. Vision for a Sustainable Food Ecosystem: Both companies share a vision of creating a more sustainable, resilient, and transparent food ecosystem through advanced technology and collaborative efforts.

Varda, the agtech startup founded by Yara, announced its significant partnership with Ever.Ag, a prominent service provider in the agricultural technology sector. This collaboration heralds a new era in the agriculture industry, focusing on enhancing the transparency and efficiency of food supply chains.

Central to this partnership is integrating Varda’s innovative Global FieldID™ (GFID) into Ever.Ag’s FieldAlytics system. FieldAlytics, known for its comprehensive digital platform, streamlines agronomy, field logistics, and farm planning. By incorporating GFID, Ever.Ag aims to revolutionize how produce journeys from planting to processing are tracked, thereby bolstering traceability and boosting consumer trust in food production.

Davide Ceper, CEO at Varda, emphasized the transformative potential of GFID in the agriculture sector. He described it as an essential tool for creating a universal map of agricultural fields, akin to an “address system” for industry stakeholders. With the growing generation of field-level data due to technological advancements, Ceper underlined the necessity of convenient information sharing throughout the supply chain while ensuring privacy protection. The widespread adoption of GFID will significantly enhance food production’s resilience, productivity, transparency, and sustainability.

Ben Sloan is the VP of Product and Strategy for Digital Agronomy at Ever.Ag, echoed these sentiments. He highlighted the increasing consumer demand for transparency regarding the origins of their food, driven by health, environmental, and ethical considerations. Sloan praised GFID as the most effective solution for traceability of field boundaries and commended FieldAlytics for pioneering solutions that resonate with growers’ needs. He expressed optimism about the industry-wide adoption of GFID.

The anticipated launch of this partnership in December 2023 marks a significant step towards integrating GFID across FieldAlytics’ expansive network, encompassing over 3 million field boundaries. This integration is supported by a substantial customer base and is expected to set a new standard in farm management and supply chain transparency.

About Varda: Varda is a pioneering ag-tech startup established by Yara, focusing on fostering collaboration within the industry and expediting the transition to a nature-positive food system through improved data discovery and sharing. The company is dedicated to making farm and field data a cornerstone of the following ‘green revolution,’ promoting effective industry collaboration and the widespread adoption of regenerative farming practices. Varda aims to unite progressive companies, farmers, and industry institutions to create a more sustainable, resilient, and transparent food ecosystem.

About Ever.Ag: Ever.Ag stands at the forefront of Everything Agriculture, offering software and services that empower the entire agricultural supply chain. The company’s comprehensive solutions support dairy, crop, animal protein, and agribusiness customers, contributing to feeding a growing global population. Ever.Ag combines decades of experience with cutting-edge innovation, delivering advanced technology, risk management, and market intelligence solutions that enable customers to operate more efficiently, sustainably, and strategically across the supply chain.

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