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Veea, Trilogy, and Microclimates: A Partnership for Precision Greenhouse Automation and Increased Efficiency

Veea, Trilogy Networks with Hurst Farms & Greenery announce the Commercial deployment of their Revolutionary Agriculture Infrastructure Platform for true Data-Driven Farming Microclimates

Microclimates is a newly established business that specializes in all stages of data collection and process management for climate-controlled settings. Veea and Trilogy Networks have teamed with Microclimates. Hurst Farms & Greenery, a company with 30 greenhouses situated in Westboro, Missouri, has implemented the bundled solution. Veea Platform offers multi-protocol (Bluetooth, Zigby, and LoRa) IoT communication throughout the whole farm in a secure and mesh configuration. Hurst Greenery, Veea, and Microclimate have chosen Trilogy to offer a comprehensive greenhouse automation solution for indoor farming. According to Blake Hurst, CEO of Hurst, the firm will be able to increase yields, guarantee the quality, and make a profit.

In order to package their combined precision agriculture solution with Microclimates’s affordable, scalable universal control system that monitors the temperature, humidity, CO2, watering, and ambient light and can include hundreds of sensors with 24/7 monitoring and alerts, Veea and Trilogy have partnered with Microclimates, a young company that specializes in all phases of data gathering and process control for climate-controlled environments.

Blake Hurst said, “Trilogy provided us with a comprehensive greenhouse automation solution, integrating Veea’s edge and cloud computing and orchestration capabilities, and Microclimate’s software and sensors system fully integrated, which simplified the initial implementation and ongoing monitoring and management. “We soon saw savings and are now scaling up given the benefits — healthier plants, more income, cost savings for electricity and water, and productivity increases gave the automation and capacity to remotely monitor and operate all our greenhouses.”

Hurst Farms & Greenery, a forward-thinking company situated in Westboro, Missouri, that runs 30 greenhouses totaling 130,000 square feet under cultivation, has implemented the bundled solution. Additionally, Hurst cultivates maize and soybeans on more than 1,000 acres. The Veea Platform offers multi-protocol (Bluetooth, Zigby, & LoRa) IoT connection across the whole farm, enabling the gathering of temperature and humidity data. The solution from Microclimate integrates a dashboard that provides customers with total control and lets them establish policies. Using rules and data from sensors that monitor greenhouse settings, it may be programmed to switch heaters and vents on and off.

Mark Tubinis, Chief Commercial Officer of Veea, stated that the company was proud to have contributed to this ground-breaking solution. “Through the digital revolution of greenhouse operations, we are collectively creating significant, a sustainable value that affects companies like Hurst Greenery’s capacity to increase yields, guarantee the quality, and generate profits. Farmers can do more with less by using precision horticulture technologies, real-time data, automation, and growing quality plants and products while expanding their companies. We are eager to collaborate with this exceptional group of businesses to enhance the precision agriculture and horticulture sectors.”

Image provided by Veea Inc

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