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Vertical Acres Farm Embraces CubicFarms’ Produce Technology

Vertical Acres Farm embraces CubicFarms' revolutionary technology, ensuring year-round fresh produce for the region.

CubicFarm Systems Corp., a leading agricultural technology company, has successfully commissioned its automated, controlled-environment growing technology at Vertical Acres Farm LLC in Indiana. This milestone marks a significant step forward in revolutionizing local chain agriculture and providing fresh produce to the region.

Vertical Acres, a produce company, invested C$3.8 million to acquire 20 CubicFarms machines and one fertigator. With the help of CubicFarms’ patented technology, Vertical Acres will be able to grow and distribute large quantities of fresh produce year-round. Initially, the focus will be on lettuce and microgreen crops, with each module capable of producing over 100,000 heads of lettuce and 12,500 pounds of microgreens annually.

Fred Schakel, the owner of Vertical Acres, expressed his excitement about the project, stating, “Staple crop production has a proud tradition in our region, but our family sees the need and potential to offer additional crops year-round to our local community. Today, it is crucial to seek solutions that minimize water, land, and pesticides for growing greens, and our CubicFarms system reduces our reliance on all three.”

CubicFarms’ technology will allow Vertical Acres to supply fresh, nutritious greens consistently, regardless of the unpredictable weather conditions experienced in Indiana. Schakel emphasized the importance of technology and automation in enabling future generations to farm more efficiently. CubicFarms CEO, John de Jonge, expressed his satisfaction in bringing this project to fruition for Vertical Acres. He highlighted the benefits of CubicFarms’ patented technology, stating, “Our patented technology empowers them to maximize production efficiency per cubic foot while significantly reducing the physical footprint compared to traditional farming operations.”

CubicFarms is a leading local chain agricultural technology company that focuses on developing and deploying innovative solutions to feed a changing world. The company’s proprietary ag-tech solutions, including HydroGreen Nutrition Technology, enable growers to produce high-quality, predictable produce and fresh livestock feed. HydroGreen, a division of CubicFarm Systems Corp., specializes in producing Automated Vertical Pastures™. This smart-farming equipment sprouts grains such as wheat and barley in a controlled growing environment, providing a high-performance feed ingredient for livestock all year round. The automated equipment handles all growing functions, including seeding, watering, lighting, harvesting, and re-seeding, requiring minimal labor. By incorporating HydroGreen sprouted grain into livestock feed, animal digestion is enhanced, leading to increased productivity and reduced methane emissions.

In addition to the agricultural benefits, CubicFarms’ technology offers environmental advantages. By optimizing production efficiency and reducing reliance on resources like water, land, and pesticides, the company contributes to sustainable farming practices. Furthermore, the utilization of HydroGreen equipment for livestock feed production aligns with the increasing demand for farm-based carbon credits, helping farms meet environmental targets.

The successful commissioning of CubicFarms’ technology at Vertical Acres Farm represents a significant milestone for local chain agriculture. By leveraging innovative solutions, this partnership demonstrates the potential to transform traditional farming methods and provide fresh, nutritious produce to local communities year-round. With the continued development and deployment of agricultural technology, companies like CubicFarms are driving positive change in the industry, benefiting both people and the planet.

Image provided by Vertical Acres Farm


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