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Vestaron Launches Sustainable Insecticide, Spear RC

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Vestaron’s latest product, Spear RC, is a breakthrough in pest control for broad-acre crops such as cotton, soybean, and rice. Designed to target lepidopteran pests like cotton bollworm, soybean looper, and armyworm, Spear RC has shown exceptional results in field trials. In addition, its efficacy is comparable to conventional insecticides, without known or cross-resistance issues.

One of the most significant advantages of Spear RC is its versatility. It can be used as a standalone or in combination with conventional insecticides. This makes it an ideal tool for Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and resistance management. Additionally, Spear RC’s mode of action is novel, with IRAC Group 32 classification. It supports resistance management and has a minimal impact on beneficial species.

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Vestaron’s SVP of Sales & Marketing, Ben Cicora, is excited about the launch of Spear RC, an innovative insecticide with a naturally occurring peptide that explicitly targets lepidopteran larvae while having minimal impact on benefit. In addition, spear RC offers a 0-Day PHI, 4-Hour REI, and is MRL exempt, providing farmers with a safe and effective alternative to traditional chemical pesticides for sustainable pest management.

Spear RC is a precision-targeted insecticide that has a low environmental impact. It is designed to be an essential tool for sustainable pest management. With its unique ecological and worker safety profile, Spear RC has 0-Day PHI, 4-Hour REI, and MRL exemption. As a result, farmers can use it without worrying about any potential harm to themselves or the environment.

To introduce Spear RC to farmers, Vestaron is participating in several conferences in early 2023, including the Mid-South Farm & Gin Show and Commodity Classic. Vestaron’s Senior Manager of Field Development will present the science behind the Spear products and field trial data at these conferences. Farmers can learn more about Spear RC’s benefits and how it can help them in their farming operations by attending these conferences.

Photo by Mirko Fabian on Unsplash 

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