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Virginia State: A Controlled Environment Agriculture Hub

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Virginia is quickly becoming a top choice for companies engaged in controlled environment agriculture (CEA). Businesses, including ISO Group, AeroFarms, Plenty, Gotham Greens, and Soli Organic, have established operations or made significant investments in Virginia, creating new employment and a more robust local economy. As a result, Virginia offers a supportive climate for business, a knowledgeable workforce, and first-rate transportation systems. Virginia’s agriculture sector, which generates $82.3 billion in economic output and employs 381,800 people, is the state’s largest private sector. With just 8.3 million acres left now compared to 13.5 million acres in 1960, Virginia’s farmland is in jeopardy. But, according to numerous sources, charitable contributions and conservation easements can entitle farmers to significant tax savings, a crucial financial tool for farmers in Virginia.

CEA Developments In Virginia

ISO Group has announced the establishment of its first US operations in Virginia with a $570,000 investment for an assembly and distribution facility in Chesterfield County. This project is expected to create 30 new jobs over the next five years. ISO Group’s decision to invest in Virginia is a testament to the state’s business-friendly environment and commitment to fostering innovation in various sectors.


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