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Resource Innovation Institute and Southern California Edison Launch Fall Webinar Series on Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Key Takeaways

  1. Resource Innovation Institute and Southern California Edison kick off their fall workshop series with a free webinar on September 14th, focusing on energy reduction in greenhouses and indoor farms.
  2. The series will cover various topics, including new lighting techniques, smart energy efficiency, and water circularity in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) facilities.
  3. Experts like Caleb Hayhoe from ICF, Luis Trujillo from Hoogendoorn, and Mikhail Sagal from TSRgrow will share insights on regional incentives and technological integrations.
  4. The second webinar scheduled for September 28th will delve into water circularity, leveraging a newly published guide on best practices.
  5. Registration for both webinars is open and can be accessed on RII’s event page.

This Thursday, September 14th, Resource Innovation Institute (RII), a not-for-profit organization dedicated to advancing climate resilience, is partnering with Southern California Edison to launch its fall workshop series. The series begins with a free webinar to discuss energy reduction strategies in greenhouse and indoor farming operations.

Webinar 1: New Strategies for Energy Reduction

The first webinar in the series will feature a panel of experts discussing various aspects of energy reduction in Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Caleb Hayhoe from ICF will discuss regional incentive programs, while Luis Trujillo from Hoogendoorn will discuss using controls for intelligent energy efficiency. Mikhail Sagal from TSRgrow will cover lighting integration, and Rob Hanifin will discuss technology integration.

Topics to be Covered

  • New techniques in lighting
  • Selecting & implementing energy curtains
  • Using CO2 enrichment to balance energy
  • Integrating controls for smart energy efficiency
  • New research ready for commercial use

Webinar 2: Water Circularity in CEA Facilities

Scheduled for September 28th, the second webinar will focus on water use efficiency in CEA facilities. The discussion will leverage the newly published Water Circularity Best Practices Guide for Controlled Environment Agriculture Operations.

Topics to be Covered

  • Water conservation practices
  • Smart irrigation programming
  • Reducing water used in climate control and processing
  • Water disinfection and purification equipment
  • Prioritizing and designing water circularity into your operation

Expert Panelists

The team will welcome Caleb Hayhoe from ICF to discuss incentives, Carlos Salazar from BearAg to discuss water integration techniques, and Jeffery Martens from Newterra to bring his expertise on water treatment.

How to Register

Interested parties can learn more about the upcoming webinars and register on RII’s event page: Resource Innovation Institute Events.

Photo by Iulian Pana on Unsplash 

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