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Water Ways Technologies’ Subsidiary Strikes Distribution Agreement with Agroscout Ltd.

Water Ways Technologies' Subsidiary Strikes Distribution Agreement with Agroscout Ltd.

Water Ways Technologies Inc., a globally recognized Israeli-based agricultural technology firm specializing in water irrigation solutions, announced that its Canadian subsidiary, Heartnut Grove WWT Inc. (HGWWT), has signed a distribution agreement with Agroscout Ltd., an innovative Israeli Agri-tech company.

Agroscout Ltd. has developed a comprehensive agricultural intelligence system that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze high-resolution imagery from farm fields. As per the agreement, which spans two years, HGWWT will make Agroscout’s services available to Canadian farmers through a Software As A Service (SAAS) platform.

The platform is designed to provide AI-driven insights using drone and satellite technologies to monitor the entire crop growth cycle. Farmers will gain an intricate understanding of pre-sowing conditions, weed prevalence, plant stand evaluation, fertilization and irrigation inconsistencies, pest and disease pressure, and harvest readiness. The agreement also includes specific discounts on Agroscout’s pricing.

Ohad Haber, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Water Ways, commented on the agreement’s significance, expressing optimism about its potential to enhance agricultural practices in Canada.

“The agreement with Agroscout allows Water Ways to position itself as a leader in precision agriculture in Canada,” Haber stated. “Integrating our smart irrigation and fertigation systems with Agroscout’s SAAS-based data services will enable our Canadian clients to improve their crop efficiency. This will lead to financial savings while boosting yields and production.”

This partnership will also see Water Ways Technologies offering a subscription service model for the first time. This is expected to generate a continuous revenue stream for its Canadian subsidiary, strengthening its financial footing.

The partnership between Water Ways Technologies and Agroscout illustrates the increasing role of advanced technologies like AI in modern agricultural practices. This move will likely be well-received by Canadian farmers seeking to increase their crop yields and overall efficiency while reducing costs.

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