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WaterIQ and AquaFim Partner in Mexico

Technology firm WaterIQ and AquaFim Partner in Mexico

WaterIQ Technologies, a leader in ultrasonic solutions for algae and biofilm control, has partnered with AquaFim, a top agriculture and irrigation systems company in Mexico. AquaFim will hold exclusive rights to supply the Mexican agricultural irrigation market with WaterIQ’s ultrasonic solutions, which provide 24/7 water quality insight and cloud monitoring without chemicals. This partnership will allow AquaFim to expand its irrigation technology systems to provide effective algae control to its customers, ultimately improving crop yield and minimizing environmental impact.

WaterIQ Technologies and AquaFim have announced a partnership agreement to tackle the problem of harmful algae and biofilm in agriculture irrigation systems in Mexico. AquaFim, the leading agriculture and irrigation systems and services company for the export produce market in Mexico, will have exclusive rights to serve the agricultural irrigation market in the country, covering irrigation source ponds and wastewater.

Algae blooms can clog pumps, spray, and drip lines, leading to downtime for growers and additional costs to clear the system with possible chemical application expenses. This partnership aims to increase access to ultrasonic algae remediation tools and 24/7 water quality insight and cloud monitoring – all designed to kill algae without using harmful chemicals, which can impact crops and wildlife and cause water runoff pollution.

WaterIQ Technologies, a technology company that designs solutions to defend water from algae and biofilm contamination in various markets, uses next-generation ultrasonic technology to eliminate algae and prevent its return. The WaterIQ Pulsar is a non-chemical ultrasonic solution that emits more than 2,000 discrete frequencies in two bands, targeting blue-green and green algae. The device operates on the critical structural resonance principle, producing a precise frequency with sufficient power to disrupt vital algae cellular function. This approach causes the elimination of most species of harmful algae from water bodies within 30 to 60 days without causing harm to other forms of marine life.

WaterIQ Technologies’ advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology captures real-time data of critical system and water quality data, enabling effective long-duty cycles and uninterrupted field usage. With the AquaFim partnership, WaterIQ Technologies will collaborate on algae issues impacting irrigation systems and extend the use of the latest innovations in water quality technologies without chemicals.

AquaFim services high-value cultivated crops with more than 130,000 hectares of irrigation systems. The company has been in business for 45 years and has 11 locations throughout Mexico. It provides the most advanced irrigation technology systems and value-added services, such as algae control.

The partnership between WaterIQ Technologies and AquaFim aims to streamline distribution and increase access to innovative solutions for combating harmful algae and biofilm in agriculture irrigation systems. With this partnership, AquaFim will have exclusive access to WaterIQ ultrasonic solutions, providing customers with effective ways to combat algae and ensure sustainable water treatment practices.

Image provided by WaterIQ Technologies

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