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Wine: Grgich Hills Estate Gets Regenerative Organic Certification

Regenerative agriculture in wine

Grgich Hills Estate, a California-based winery, has received the Regenerative Organic Certification from the Regenerative Organic Alliance (ROA), making it one of the few wineries in the world to receive this certification. The winery has been farming organically since 2000 and became Certified Organic in 2006. It has been practicing regenerative farming since 2019, which has helped it to achieve this certification. The principles of regenerative agriculture include reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting biodiversity conservation, conserving water, and supporting local food systems. The certification also addresses social fairness, including fair labor practices, community engagement, and support for farmers’ and workers’ economic and social well-being.

Ivo Jeramaz, Winemaker and Vice President of Vineyards and Production, are leading the way in regenerative agriculture at Grgich Hills Estate. He believes that providing medical care and a living wage are just a few examples of how the winery prioritizes the human aspect of its work. As an immigrant, Ivo understands the importance of treating laborers with dignity and respect. The winery is family-owned and operated. Its leadership team, led by Violet Grgich as President & CEO and Ivo Jeramaz as a leader in Regenerative Agriculture, is focused on bringing the winery into the future. This latest certification is a significant step forward for Grgich Hills Estate, and they are excited to continue their work in regenerative agriculture.

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