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XAG News: Launches P100 Pro In Vietnam

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XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone Launched in Vietnam: A Leap Towards Digital Farming and Rural Job Creation (2023/07/21)

In an effort to bolster agricultural efficiency and combat climate risks, XAG has released the P100 Pro, the latest generation of its Agricultural Drone, in the Dong Thap province of Vietnam. This new drone system is designed to provide farmers with a fully autonomous, user-friendly solution with a substantial payload capacity of 50 kilograms. As a practical way to reduce production costs, the XAG P100 Pro is anticipated to be widely adopted across Vietnam.

Simultaneous to the product launch, the Dong Thap Digital Agricultural Cooperative was also established, aiming to encourage the use of drone technology in rural farming practices. Through organizing drone training courses and offering easy access to innovative technologies, the initiative aims to enhance the digital skillset of rural youth and create job opportunities, including roles as drone operators and engineers, offering promising income prospects.

Vietnam, a major global exporter of agricultural products like rice, banana, and durian, is currently grappling with a declining agricultural workforce. Despite increasing international demand for its agricultural exports, an increasing number of workers are migrating to manufacturing and service sectors. Agri-tech firm XAG sees this trend as an opportunity to further its mission of advancing agriculture.

The XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone is an electric unmanned aerial system engineered for precise seeding, crop spraying, fertilizer spreading, and field mapping. This innovative tool combines a flying platform with various payload systems to achieve multiple functions, making it an advanced version of its predecessor, the P100.

The P100 Pro adopts a foldable quadcopter structure, reducing its folded volume by 62%, allowing for easy transport via a minivan or even a motorcycle. It comes equipped with the XAG RevoSpray 3 system and a 50-liter smart liquid tank, offering a maximum spray rate of 22 liters per minute and crop protection efficiency of up to 19 hectares per hour for open fields, and 2 hectares per hour for orchards.

The P100 Pro excels in seeding and fertilizer spreading with the RevoCast 3 system and an 80-liter container. It can distribute 50 kilograms of fertilizer in just 20 seconds, equating to ten thousand kilograms per day. The drone also features fully autonomous operation via the XAG One App, further simplifying farm work.

As the authorized distributor of XAG products in Vietnam, XAG Mekong provides sales, training, and after-sales support on digital agriculture technology. The XAG P100 Agricultural Drone has been widely applied across the Mekong River Delta, benefiting rice, banana, and durian plantations.

Farmers are already reaping the benefits of the technology. One Dong Thap farmer, managing a 30-hectare rice farm, invested in the XAG P100 to save costs and increase income. With the drone, he was able to spray his entire farm to prevent pests and diseases in just four hours, a task that typically takes five days for manual labor, and achieved a 30% reduction in chemicals.

The XAG P100 Pro Agricultural Drone’s introduction meets the growing demand for efficient, flexible farming tools in Vietnam. Its widespread adoption could herald not only a new era of digital farming but also foster diverse career opportunities for the next generation of Vietnamese farmers.

Vietnamese Farmers Utilize XAG P100 Agricultural Drones to Boost High-Value Crop Cultivation Efficiency and Profitability (2023/04/12)

Vietnamese farmers are turning to XAG P100 Agricultural Drones to cultivate high-value crops like bananas and durian to cut costs and increase profits. With the fully autonomous and precise operation, XAG drones are becoming increasingly popular on farms, helping fruit growers tackle labor shortages and reduce operational expenses.

As a leading agri-tech company, XAG sees the potential for unmanned drones in Vietnam’s fruit industry, which is currently facing increasing pressures, despite fruit crops’ relatively good profit margins. Farm Krong Pack in Dak Lak Province, for example, was previously struggling with labor shortages but found a solution this year by introducing the XAG P100 Agricultural Drone, which sprayed 20-30 hectares of banana fields daily, equivalent to the efficiency of 20 workers.

The XAG P100 drone can adjust droplet size to different micron levels and has an RTK centimeter-level navigation system to achieve precision spraying. It has helped reduce water usage by 80%, pesticide usage by 70%, and fertilizer usage by 60%. Additionally, since workers no longer need to carry boxes of pesticides on their backs and spray in the fields, their health is better protected.

For farmers who grow export fruits that require strict cultivation standards, the XAG P100 Agricultural Drone vows to be more efficient. In a 4-hectare durian farm in Binh Phuoc, Vietnam, the P100 drone has been leveraged to save costs by 60%. According to the farm owner, Thanh, the drone takes only two hours to spray the entire farm, whereas it takes eight hours for workers to do the same job.

The XAG One App provides flight route planning and operational records data. The drone flies stably at 1 to 3 m/s on top of durian trees to penetrate the crops, and its centimeter-level precision can avoid repetitive or missed spraying that would cause yield loss.

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