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Zion Growing Solutions Secure A Territory License From Agriplay

Agriplay Ventures Inc. & Zion Growing Solutions Strike Deal

Zion Growing Solutions Inc. has acquired the Territory License for British Columbia and will be the region’s exclusive supplier of Agriplay technology as of December 1, 2022. Agriplay is presently purchasing the resources in order to guarantee production for the area in 2023 once the deal was struck. A CAD 577K valuation is assigned to the target territory, which is expected to have a population of 5,319,324 in 2022. The company can grow more than 150 different types of fresh greenhouse veggies thanks to Agriplay’s unique growth method without having to use as much energy as conventional indoor farming. Zion will have sole authority over the territory under the terms of the agreement in order to establish enterprises utilizing Agriplay technology and create inter-territory collaborations. Over 2.67 million square feet of commercial space in the Calgary area are being transformed into profitable vertical farms by the company at the moment.

Zion Growing Solutions Inc., based in Salmon Arm, British Columbia, has acquired the Territory License for British Columbia and will be the region’s exclusive supplier of Agriplay technology as of December 1, 2022, Agriplay reports. In order to demonstrate different eco-technologies and systems, including an Agriplay installation to potential operators and stakeholders in the area, Zion is now creating a 160-acre eco-park in the Salmon Arm area. Now that the contract has been completed, Agriplay is buying the supplies to guarantee output for the area in 2023.

“We are ecstatic to introduce Agriplay operations and technology to the BC area and our eco-park.” According to David DenHollander, president of Zion, “this technology is genuinely innovative in its potential to transform existing structures into productive indoor farms, and we are looking forward to doing so at the eco-park next year.”

In accordance with the contract, Agriplay has reserved the BC Territory Licensee for a period of five years beginning on the day the License agreement was signed. The target territory is predicted to be worth $577k CAD and have a population of 5,319,324 in 2022. According to the agreement, Zion will have complete and exclusive authority over the territory to establish activities utilizing Agriplay technology and form inter-territory alliances that will be advantageous to Zion and the area.

“The rapid interest in Territory Licensing makes us very happy and confirms the necessity of our indoor urban farming system. Zion is the ideal partner to have facilities operational in British Columbia as soon as possible to satisfy food demands since it comprehends our food security plan and has a terrific eco park concept,” according to Dan Houston, president of Agriplay.

“Food security is a hot topic right now. People are now understanding how hungry we are all the time and how the places that used to be able to provide us with fresh food can no longer do so. With the help of our technology, local communities and territories may successfully meet their own on-shore food demands while regaining control over their own food production.” According to Dan Houston, it is large-scale indoor farming.

Image provided by Agriplay Venture Inc.

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