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ZipGrow Inc. Launches Supersized Container Farm


ONTARIO, CANADA – Best known for the innovation and installation of vertical indoor hydroponic farms around the globe, ZipGrow Inc. is thrilled to expand its system portfolio and announce its first turnkey container farm innovation; the ZipPod. Backed by years of research on optimal efficiencies for container farming systems, the ZipPod is built onsite at ZipGrow facilities and was designed and engineered in-house by farmers, for farmers. It will provide communities in all landscapes access to a more nutritious well-rounded diet every day in every climate.

ZipPods are purpose-built composite-steel prefabricated buildings suitable for use in areas +/-40C (-40 to 104F). Supersized at 40’ (L) x 10’ (H) x 10’ (W), the ZipPod is engineered to prioritize maximum productivity and provide a safe, efficient ergonomic workspace for modern-day farmers. ZipPod differs from standard containers, providing an additional 750 cubic ft. of space to increase air circulation, a critical environment for producing quality crop yields indoors.

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“The ZipPod is the next generation of container farming,” said Eric Lang, President of ZipGrow
Inc. “After years of successfully supporting farmers in the indoor agriculture space along with
consistent research and development on optimized plant health, we feel confident to release a
product that will change the landscape of what a turnkey solution can be.”

The ZipPod harnesses the power of ZipGrow’s patented hydroponic TowerTM technology, used by farmers and home growers worldwide for over a decade. Adopting the knowledge of plant health scientists, lighting specialists, and indoor farming experts the innovative design allows for high density crop production and seamless workflow. It boasts the most space-efficient equipment in controlled environment agriculture including advanced HVAC system and custom controlled plumbing allowing growers to target specific rows for flushing and irrigation.

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Around the world, there are many places where food production is limited by a vulnerable supply chain, lack of arable land and climate change. In an effort to provide more reliable solutions to food security, this turnkey container system will make it simpler for community leaders, individuals and non profits to set up food production quickly and to grow fresh produce
in an environment that prioritizes plant health and human health.

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