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ZipGrow Joins Agritecture’s Partner Network

AgTech company, ZipGrow Partner with Agritecture

ZipGrow Inc., a leader in the Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) industry, has announced a supply partnership with Agritecture, a leading advisory company on urban agriculture and CEA. The partnership will include ZipGrow’s extensive portfolio of container farms, greenhouse systems, and custom-built ZipFarms, complementing Agritecture’s platform and consulting services.

“There is undoubtedly income to be made in the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry, but being prepared and designing a business model ahead of time is where we have seen ZipGrow farmers prosper,” said Eric Lang, President of ZipGrow Inc. “The opportunities for indoor farming are not all one size fits all. We are excited to team with Agritecture, whose practical tools back entrepreneurs, investors, and corporations to guarantee that farm projects are set for success.”

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Agritecture’s services are designed to help potential farmers evaluate the feasibility of their farms, guiding clients through critical decisions to ensure they choose the best solution for their needs. Eric Lang, President of ZipGrow Inc., recognizes the revenue potential in the CEA industry but stresses the importance of preparation and planning in achieving success.

The partnership will provide a comprehensive offering of products and services and align both companies’ missions to deliver insights and foundational understanding to help modern-day farmers. Agritecture Founder & CEO Henry Gordon-Smith believes that this collaboration will decrease risk and accelerate project timelines for their clients.

“We are excited to include ZipGrow in the expanding Agritecture Partner Network. So many of our clients are looking for innovative and adaptable solutions for their farms, and ZipGrow delivers these across a wide scope of integration types,” said Agritecture Founder & CEO Henry Gordon Smith. “Via our holistic planning approach and great partners like ZipGrow, we can decrease risk while accelerating project timelines.”

In addition to its portfolio of CEA solutions, ZipGrow Inc. also provides educational resources on hydroponics and CEA business planning. These resources, combined with Agritecture’s expertise, will provide farmers with a complete package of support and resources to run successful projects.

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