Zivo Bioscience launches Zivolife, a revolutionary breakthrough in the world of sustainable algae-based nutrition
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ZIVO Bioscience Enters the Global Algae Food Market

ZIVO Bioscience, Inc. (NASDAQ: ZIVO) is making significant strides in the Biotech/Agtech industry with its breakthrough in therapeutic, medicinal, and nutritional product candidates derived from proprietary algal cultures. The company has recently announced a major milestone: the commercialization of its proprietary algal biomass as a food or food ingredient, introducing ZivolifeTM to the market. This marks ZIVO’s entry into the global algae food market and sets the stage for a potential revolution in sustainable, nutrient-dense whole foods.

The Zivolife product is the culmination of years of rigorous research and development by ZIVO Bioscience. The dried algal powder, derived from their proprietary microalgae strain, offers an exceptional nutritional profile, making it an attractive option for health-conscious consumers seeking sustainable and plant-based protein sources. Zivolife is a natural, non-GMO product that contains essential amino acids, polyphenols, iron, potassium, and vitamins A, E, and B12. Additionally, it is a source of naturally occurring beta-glucan and fiber, further enhancing its value as a whole-food supplement to support overall health.

In an exclusive commercial agreement, ZIVO has partnered with independent distributor ZWorldwide, Inc. to launch Zivolife initially in the North American market. This strategic partnership is expected to result in ongoing product sales and distribution for ZIVO. With ZWorldwide’s expertise in direct-to-consumer sales, e-commerce, and brand marketing, Zivolife is positioned for success in the burgeoning microalgae market.

To ensure a seamless supply chain and production capabilities, ZIVO has signed a contract manufacturing agreement with Alimenta Algae SAC, the microalgae subsidiary of Grupo Alimenta. Alimenta Algae is a well-established global, multi-generational, family-run agribusiness based in Lima, Peru. This partnership leverages Alimenta Algae’s international agriculture expertise to support the scale-up of ZivolifeTM, ensuring that the product maintains its high-quality standards and meets food quality and safety regulations.

ZIVO’s entry into the global algae food market comes at an opportune time. The demand for plant-based protein sources is on the rise, driven by the increasing emphasis on healthy living, environmental sustainability, and ethical considerations. The global food and beverage microalgae market is projected to reach $247 million by 2033, and ZivolifeTM’s launch positions the company to capture a significant share of this fast-growing and premium segment.

John Payne, CEO and Chairman of ZIVO Bioscience, expressed his pride in making Zivolife available to consumers. After years of intensive research and product testing, ZIVO is delighted to offer consumers a sustainable, nutrient-dense whole-food product that supports digestive and gut health and boosts the immune system. Payne also reiterated the company’s commitment to continuing its pursuit of opportunities in the biotech and pharmaceutical markets.

Zivolife is cultivated at a single-source, sustainable aquaculture facility in the Peruvian Andes Mountains, utilizing proprietary cultivation processes developed in collaboration with ZIVO. The company has established stringent quality-control testing at facilities in Ica, Peru, and Ft. Myers, Florida, along with certified third-party laboratories to ensure product excellence.

The revenue generated from the commercial agreements and sales of Zivolife will be reinvested into ZIVO’s ongoing development of therapeutic and pharmaceutical product candidates. Currently, the company is actively working on its latest coccidiosis treatment study in broiler chickens, demonstrating its commitment to advancing innovative solutions in human and animal health.

With Zivolife’s launch, ZIVO Bioscience is ready to revolutionize the global algae food market and make an impact on the food industry’s sustainable practices. As conscious consumers increasingly seek nutrient-dense, eco-friendly alternatives, ZIVO’s proprietary algal biomass and the potential future products based on this technology hold immense promise in meeting these demands and shaping a healthier, more sustainable future.

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