2024 Food Trends: FreshDirect Ranks 5 Trends

2024 Food Trends: FreshDirect Ranks 5 Trends/ Agribusiness; AgTech; AgriTech; Agriculture; Sustainable Agriculture

Key Takeaways

  1. Emphasis on Upcycling: FreshDirect highlights a trend towards using upcycled food scraps to reduce food waste and promote sustainable consumption.
  2. DEI in the Grocery Sector: The rise of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in product selection reflects shifting consumer values and expectations, emphasizing inclusivity in food choices.
  3. Sustainable Farming Practices: There’s an increasing consumer preference for sustainable and regenerative agricultural products.
  4. Growth of Functional Beverages: There is a rising demand for beverages that offer health benefits beyond essential nutrition, including probiotic and prebiotic options.
  5. Popularity of Small Plates: A trend towards small plates and diverse culinary options reflects changing dining preferences and the desire for variety.

FreshDirect, a leader in online grocery shopping, has unveiled its top five food trends for 2024, offering insights into evolving consumer preferences and industry innovations. Their expert merchant team curates these trends, ranging from food waste reduction and sustainability to DEI and functional foods.

The Upside to Upcycling: Tackling Food Waste

FreshDirect highlights the growing consumer interest in reducing food waste. The trend for 2024 is purchasing foods made from usable scraps, a practice known as upcycling. This initiative extends from shelf products to prepared foods and meal kits, emphasizing utilizing all parts of the food product, thus minimizing waste.

Beyond the Shelf: The Rise of DEI in the Grocery Sector

The company recognizes the importance of DEI in product selection and representation, reflecting a shift in consumer preferences. FreshDirect’s collaboration with multicultural brands like Sanzo and Siete and their Rising Industry Producers and Entrepreneurs Program signifies a commitment to inclusivity and diversity in the grocery sector.

Greens, Eggs, and Ham: Sustainability in Farming Practices

There is a growing food trend towards supporting sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices. FreshDirect notes an increased preference for indoor-grown produce and regeneratively grown meat, aligning with consumer desires for environmentally friendly products.

Following Your Gut: The Power of Functional Beverages

Functional beverages, especially those offering health benefits like probiotics and prebiotics, are gaining popularity. This trend reflects a consumer shift towards products contributing to overall wellness and digestive health.

Pass the Dip, Spread the Flavor: Embracing Small Plates

The final food trend for 2024, observed by FreshDirect, is the rising popularity of small plates and diverse culinary options. Premium tinned seafood, snacking cheeses, and specialty dips are gaining traction, catering to a desire for variety and easy-to-prepare options for social gatherings.

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