Animal Agriculture: Experts To Speak in San Francisco Summit

Key Takeaways

  1. Diverse Expertise: The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco features various industry experts.
  2. Focus on Nutrition and Sustainability: Speakers represent various sectors, including animal nutrition, sustainability, and merchandising.
  3. Prominent Organizations Involved: Participants include representatives from ADM, Whole Foods Market, Merck Animal Health, and more.
  4. Innovative Approaches to Animal Agriculture: The summit showcases the latest trends and technologies in animal agriculture.
  5. Leadership in Agriculture Technology: The speakers are leaders in their respective fields, offering insights into the future of animal agriculture.

The Animal AgTech Innovation Summit in San Francisco is set to feature an impressive lineup of high-profile experts from various sectors of the animal agriculture industry. This gathering of industry leaders will provide insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of animal agriculture.

Diverse Expertise in Display

The summit’s speakers include:

  • Simon Walley, President of Animal Nutrition North America at ADM
  • Karen Christensen, SVP Merchandising for Perishables & Quality Standards at Whole Foods Market
  • Stephen Murray, AVP – Animal Health Ventures at Merck Animal Health
  • Frank Mitloehner, Professor at UC Davis
  • Rosemary Sifford, Deputy Administrator Veterinary Services & Chief Veterinary Officer at USDA APHIS

Innovation and Sustainability in Focus

These industry experts will cover various topics, including animal nutrition, sustainability in farming practices, and advancements in animal health. The summit provides a platform for sharing knowledge and discussing innovative solutions to the animal agriculture sector’s challenges.

Representation from Leading Organizations

The speakers represent some of the most renowned organizations in the industry, such as California Dairies, S2G Ventures, Perdue Foods, and JBS. Their participation underscores the summit’s significance as a leading event in animal agriculture technology.

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