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ADAMA Strengthen Position in New Zealand With AgriNova Acquisition

AgriNova New Zealand, Ltd., also known as Grochem New Zealand, has been acquired by ADAMA Ltd. Crop protection products, plant growth regulators, biosolutions, and plant nutrition are all goods that Grochem develops, produces, and distributes, largely in the horticulture market. This purchase is anticipated to improve the company’s position in New Zealand and open the door for its entry into the biological market.

AgriNova New Zealand, Ltd. is set to be acquired. By acquiring this company, ADAMA will be able to expand its product line in the New Zealand market and enter related markets for biologicals, plant nutrition, and plant growth regulators (PGR). By focusing on the horticulture industry, Grochem’s product line complements its concentration in New Zealand on the row crop and fodder industries and creates a new, significant market for ADAMA. Grochem’s proficiency in biological plant nutrition and PGR is consistent with ADAMA’s desire to expand its activities in the rapidly developing biological products sector and broaden its selection of products that promote sustainable food production.

CEO of ADAMA Australia & New Zealand, Darrin Hines, stated, “We are thrilled to welcome Grochem to the ADAMA clan. ADAMA’s long-term expansion in New Zealand and across the world will be aided by Grochem’s position there thanks to its excellent goods and powerful brand. Together with its strong array of biologicals, Grochem’s tight ties to regional producers and distribution partners complement ADAMA’s worldwide strategy.”

At Grochem, George McHardy said: “By working together, we can access a broader worldwide market and market our products to more people. We are thrilled to join a business that has the same principles and commitment to clients as the Grochem brand.”

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