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Advancing Eco Agriculture Launches New Campaign

Advancing Eco Agriculture launches a community fundraising campaign through Wefunder, aiming to bolster regenerative agricultural practices.
Key Takeaways:
  • Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) has initiated a community fundraising campaign open to the public through Wefunder.
  • Since 2006, AEA has worked with over 10,000 growers across four million acres globally.
  • Regenerative agriculture, AEA’s focus, is a $3.6 billion market.
  • Funds will be used to develop new products, expand teams, and reach new markets.
  • AEA will be opening a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Aurora, Colo.

Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), a recognized leader in regenerative agricultural practices has announced the launch of a community fundraising campaign that is available for public participation. This initiative promises to revolutionize the agricultural industry and establish a foundation for healthier ecosystems and communities.

As an avenue for regenerative agriculture supporters, farmers, and agricultural investors, the campaign launched on Wefunder allows them to invest directly in AEA’s future expansion and development.

Since its inception in 2006, AEA has firmly established its footprint in regenerative agriculture. Collaborating with more than 10,000 growers and covering an expanse of four million acres worldwide, the company’s dedication to transitioning farming practices has seen notable success. This reflects the growing influence and value of the regenerative agriculture market, currently valued at $3.6 billion.

Crop types or methodologies do not restrict AEA’s model. They work inclusively with all growers to foster regenerative agricultural systems. These systems, characterized by reduced dependence on fertilizers and pesticides, leverage a holistic approach that combines plant nutrients, biologicals, cutting-edge consulting, comprehensive plant and soil testing, data-driven nutrition programs, and performance analytics.

The objective of the community fundraising initiative is multifaceted. Primarily, it aims to accelerate the development of AEA’s products, services, and innovative technologies. Furthermore, it provides a springboard for the company to build on its team, enhance its operations in North and South America and parts of Europe, and branch out to new, untapped markets. This move is anticipated to amplify the global accessibility and scalability of AEA’s systems.

Highlighting the company’s expansion, AEA is set to inaugurate its modern manufacturing facility in Aurora, Colorado, a testament to the escalating demand for its plant nutrition products and services.

John Kempf, AEA’s founder and chief officer, emphasizes the profound essence of regenerative agriculture. He notes that it’s about re-establishing connections on various scales – from microbial to societal. He believes the fundraising campaign, centered around fostering regenerative relationships, will instill a sense of collective ownership and drive for everyone involved. Kempf is optimistic about the potential of this joint effort in reshaping agriculture, emphasizing its role in rejuvenating communities and promoting health.

Earlier in April 2022, AEA had successfully secured $4.7 million in its inaugural external financing round. This feat included equity and debt, receiving considerable interest from impact investors and non-equity financing support from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

Photo by Dan Meyers on Unsplash 

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