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AGCO Corporation Latest News: Acquires FarmFacts GmbH

AGCO Corporation Introduces Massey Ferguson® 500R Series Sprayer. AgTech, Agriculture, Agriculture Technology

Key Takeaways:

  1. Joint Venture with Trimble: AGCO and Trimble form a significant joint venture for mixed-fleet precision agriculture.
  2. Acquisition of FarmFacts GmbH’s Digital Assets: Enhances its data management capabilities in precision agriculture.
  3. Launch of AGCO Ventures: Focuses on investing in early-stage agri-tech innovations.
  4. AGCO’s Industry Impact: A leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, the company is committed to advancing smart farming.

Smart Farming Evolution with Trimble

AGCO, a global leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, announced a substantial joint venture (JV) with Trimble. This partnership aims to create a leading global mixed-fleet precision agriculture platform. Eric Hansotia, AGCO’s Chairman, President, and CEO, emphasized the JV’s scale as the largest in the company’s history and a significant milestone in ag tech. The company plans to offer a complete line of autonomous solutions for every crop cycle stage by 2030, underlining its commitment to technology-driven transformation in agriculture.

Strengthening Data Management with FarmFacts Acquisition

On November 11, 2023, AGCO acquired digital assets from FarmFacts GmbH, a Farm Management Information Software (FMIS) leader, enhancing its data management offerings. FarmFacts, a subsidiary of BayWa AG group based in Germany, specializes in software aiding farmers and service providers in creating field action plans and managing fertilizer requirements. This strategic addition bolsters the company’s FMIS offerings and software development capabilities, addressing farmers’ evolving data management needs, particularly in Europe.

Launch of AGCO Ventures

In a move to bolster its investment in early-stage technology, AGCO introduced AGCO Ventures. This initiative is designed to source and fund new technologies, aligning with the company’s strategic priorities and innovation goals. AGCO Ventures will concentrate on areas such as information management and analytics, ag technology, environmental and alternative fuel sources, and the future of farming. This move reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to driving innovation in agriculture through strategic investments.

AGCO Corporation Latest News

AGCO Power Unveils Innovative Solutions to Reduce Agricultural Emissions (2023/11/01)

AGCO Power is introducing a range of off-road solutions to reduce emissions in agriculture. These include battery electric, hydrogen, methane, and methanol-based engines. All AGCO Power engines are compatible with HVO diesel fuel, reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 75% to 95%. The fuel-cell-based e100 Vario Range Extender Concept doubles the operating time of electric tractors. AGCO Power is also introducing the Microgrid Concept to enable farmers to build their smart electrical grids, providing uninterrupted power from various sources.

AGCO and Trimble Forge a Formidable Precision Ag Partnership (2023/09/29)

AGCO Corporation has acquired an 85% share of Trimble’s Ag assets and technologies for $2 billion, forming a joint venture to enhance AGCO’s Precision Ag business. The partnership aims to expand its growth trajectory and target a broader base of global farmers. The JV’s EBITDA is predicted to double by the fifth year post-its inception. AGCO secured the funds from existing liquidity, free cash flows, and new debt sourced from Morgan Stanley Senior Funding, Inc. The transaction is expected to close in the first half of 2024.

AGCO Corporation Announces Plans for Dakota Smart Farm in North Dakota (2023/09/14)

AGCO Corporation, a global leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, plans to build a 300-acre test farm named “Dakota Smart Farm” in Casselton, North Dakota. The farm, which will focus on precision agriculture technologies and high-value retrofit solutions, will be an anchor tenant at the Grand Farm Innovation Campus. AGCO-owned company Appareo will lead the farm’s operations, employing a team of experts to develop innovative farming practices. The Dakota Smart Farm will serve as a living laboratory to develop and refine technologies that optimize crop production, resource utilization, and overall farm management, while also focusing on retrofit technologies that allow existing farm machinery to be upgraded with advanced features.

AGCO’s ONE SMART SPRAY System Wins Award (2023/09/13)

The Showstopper Award, jointly conferred by CropLife IRON magazine and the Illinois Fertilizer & Chemical Association (IFCA), is given to the best product. ONE SMART SPRAY, with its precision ag technology, aims to cut costs and inputs for farmers by detecting weeds and applying herbicide only to the identified regions. AGCO plans to incorporate it into its Rogator® 900 solution. Although still in field testing, ONE SMART SPRAY’s commercial release is expected in 2025. AGCO Corporation, a global leader in agricultural machinery and precision ag technology, offers a vast range of brands including Fendt®, GSI®, Massey Ferguson®, Precision Planting®, and Valtra®.

AGCO Corporation Expands Fendt Momentum Planter Line with New 30-Foot Model (2023/08/30)

AGCO Corporation has launched a 30-foot Fendt Momentum planter line model, making advanced agronomic planting technology more accessible to smaller, family-owned farming operations. The planter features innovative technology for improved performance, including a high capacity for seed and fertilizer, an in-line tandem wheel design, and Very-High Flexion (VF) tires to mitigate pinch rows. The Momentum planter line is backed by Fendt’s Gold Star Customer Care Program, ensuring long-term reliability for farmers.

AGCO Corporation Introduces Massey Ferguson® 500R Series Sprayer (2023/08/24)

AGCO Corporation (NYSE: AGCO) has launched the new Massey Ferguson® 500R Series Sprayer – an innovative solution designed to provide farmers with a reliable, user-friendly and cost-effective spraying solution. The 500R Series Sprayer builds on more than 60 years of experience and comes standard with an advanced chemical distribution system, flexible chassis, and maintenance-friendly design elements. The Massey Ferguson 500R Series Sprayer offers a wide range of features, including LiquidLogic® System, Tractor-Style Cab, User-Friendly Reload Station, Powerful Engine, and Customized Application. The MF 500R Series Sprayer will be displayed during the 2023 Farm Progress Show, and Massey Ferguson is currently accepting orders for 2024 through select dealers.

AGCO Launches Massey Ferguson 1 Series Round Baler (2023/08/22)

AGCO Corporation has launched the Massey Ferguson 1 Series round baler, which promises to deliver efficiency, quality, and operator comfort. The baler series comes in two variable-chamber models and boasts a seamless pickup system that significantly reduces the required power. The baler accelerates the loading process, requiring minimal physical effort and features a heavy-duty design to withstand the harshest conditions. The baler promises a new era of efficiency, quality, and operator convenience in hay production.

AGCO & Hexagon Partner To Expand Guidance Offering For Tractors (2023/04/25)

AGCO and Hexagon have partnered to expand their factory-fit and aftermarket guidance offerings, launching Fuse Guide – a rugged guiding and electrical steering system that uses the NovAtel SMART7 receiver. The system will be available on Massey Ferguson and Valtra tractors, aiming to increase precision agriculture technology adoption in growth markets. The system will be launched in Brazil in Q2 2023, with plans to expand into additional markets in 2024. The collaboration between AGCO and Hexagon marks a significant development in precision agriculture technology.

AGCO 2022 Sustainability Report (2023/03/29)

AGCO, a global leader in agricultural equipment manufacturing, has released its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting its progress in environmental, social, and governance aspects. The report showcases AGCO’s commitment to delivering sustainable agricultural solutions and its strides in various sustainability commitments, including decarbonization and product innovations such as intelligent tractors and precision technologies. AGCO has also decarbonized its operations and is committed to creating a safer and more engaging workplace for its diverse workforce.

AGCO Agriculture Foundation Grants To Providence Farm Collective (2023/03/23)

The AGCO Agriculture Foundation (AAF) has granted $50,000 to the Providence Farm Collective (PFC) to help it implement an on-farm compost generation system and improve post-harvest efficiency and food safety. PFC is a non-profit that supports under-resourced and refugee farmers in Western New York who cannot access farmland. PFC began in 2017 as a Somali Bantu community effort to return to their agricultural roots and grow fresh, culturally relevant produce. PFC has since expanded to include refugees and immigrants from multiple nations and members of the Black community. PFC will use the grant to improve sustainable agricultural practices and soil fertility via on-site generation of well-balanced compost and support farmers on post-harvest and food safety practices.

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