AgTonik Introduces AGT-L50: A Fulvic Acid Humate Supplement

AgTonik Introduces AGT-L50: A Fulvic Acid Humate Supplement. Livestock; AgTech; FoodTech; Agriculture

AgTonik has introduced AGT-L50, a fulvic acid humate mineral supplement designed for the poultry and livestock sectors. Developed after extensive research, AGT-L50 aims to offer an alternative to synthetic chemicals, focusing on organic compliance.

Product Overview:

  • AGT-L50 is described as a liquid organic acid complex supplemented with trace minerals. Historically, humic substances have been utilized in animal husbandry for their nutritional properties.
  • Scientific research (details here) has explored the potential benefits of such substances in animal health, production rates, and cost-effectiveness.

John Kowalski, AgTonik’s Marketing Director, shared insights on the product, stating, “AGT-L50 contains a blend of trace minerals, elements, and electrolytes. It has been studied for its potential effects on various poultry attributes, such as egg mass, early feathering, and feed efficiency.”

Key Features:

  • Potential for improved feed conversion and efficiency.
  • Possible reduction in ammonia levels in poultry.
  • Contains natural nutrients.
  • It may offer immune and digestive support.

Distinctive Attributes of AGT-L50:

  • Contains fulvic content, determined using the LAMAR AOAC v. 97 test method.
  • Includes chelated trace minerals, amino acids, and elements.
  • Adheres to OMRI organic compliance, sourced naturally.
  • It offers a concentrated formula, which may lead to reduced plastic waste and shipping costs.

AGT-L50 is a mixture of substances derived from the natural decomposition of organic matter over millions of years. The low-pressure process, resulting in low heat, is essential for maintaining the molecular structure of the humate. AGT-L50’s complexity encompasses a wide range of molecules. Each mineral, like iron, can be present in various molecular forms, suggesting that AGT-L50 has a unique composition.

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