Aleph Farms is seeking approval for the world's first cultivated beef steaks under the Aleph Cuts brand in Switzerland
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Aleph Farms: Pioneering Cultivated Meat for a Sustainable Future

In the quest to create a more sustainable and humane food system, Aleph Farms, a cellular agriculture company, has emerged as a trailblazer with its innovative approach to meat production. The company recently made a groundbreaking announcement, revealing that it has applied for regulatory approval to the Swiss Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office (FSVO) to sell the world’s first cultivated beef steaks under the Aleph Cuts brand in Switzerland. This milestone marks a significant step forward for the cultivated meat industry, which has the potential to revolutionize how we produce and consume food.

Aleph Farms is on a mission to enhance sustainability, food security, and animal welfare in our food systems by leveraging cellular agriculture. This cutting-edge technology allows meat to be grown from animal cells without traditional animal husbandry. As a result, cultivated meat production drastically reduces the environmental impact associated with conventional livestock farming, such as greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and deforestation.

The partnership between Aleph Farms and Migros, Switzerland’s largest food enterprise, has been instrumental in advancing the country’s regulatory approval process for novel foods. Migros, which first invested in Aleph Farms in 2019, provides invaluable expertise and infrastructure to accelerate scale-up, go-to-market activities, and commercialization of Aleph Cuts in Switzerland and globally.

Didier Toubia, Co-Founder and CEO of Aleph Farms emphasized the importance of collaboration between regulators, innovators, and incumbents to ensure food security within the planet’s boundaries. This concerted effort is crucial in meeting the growing demand for nutritious and sustainable food while mitigating the impact on the environment.

Switzerland, known for its affinity for innovation and quality-conscious approach to food, has proven to be a receptive market for cultivated meat. Research conducted jointly by Aleph Farms and Migros revealed that 74% of Swiss consumers are open to trying cultivated meat, primarily motivated by curiosity and a desire to support sustainability and animal welfare.

The introduction of Aleph Cuts in Switzerland represents a significant milestone not only for Aleph Farms but also for the entire cultivated meat industry. As the company plans to launch Aleph Cuts in Singapore and Israel later this year, pending regulatory approvals, it aims to offer exclusive tasting experiences curated with select partners, further showcasing the potential of cultivated meat in diverse culinary applications.

One of the advantages of cellular agriculture is its ability to increase resilience and stability in the supply of animal proteins and fats. By reducing the dependency on traditional livestock farming, cultivated meat can provide a consistent and reliable source of nutrition to consumers, even in the face of environmental challenges and disruptions.

Aleph Farms has garnered recognition for its climate leadership, including a net-zero commitment made in 2020, earning accolades from prestigious institutions like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations. The company’s dedication to sustainability and its focus on delivering high-quality, nutritious products have positioned it as a leader in the global movement toward a more sustainable food future.

As the cultivated meat industry gains momentum worldwide, the collaboration between Aleph Farms and Migros represents a model for how established players in the food industry can work together with innovative startups to drive positive change. By combining the expertise of traditional food producers with the cutting-edge technologies of cellular agriculture, we can forge a path toward a more sustainable, ethical, and secure food system for generations to come.

Aleph Farms’ application for regulatory approval to sell cultivated beef steaks in Switzerland marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more sustainable and equitable food system. By harnessing the power of cellular agriculture and collaborating with industry leaders, Aleph Farms is paving the way for a future where food security and environmental preservation go hand in hand. As more countries embrace cultivated meat and its potential to transform our food systems, we move closer to achieving a more sustainable and prosperous world for all.

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