ams OSRAM Introduces Enhanced 640 nm Red LED to Its OSLON® Optimal Horticultural Series
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ams OSRAM Introduces Enhanced 640 nm Red LED to Its OSLON® Optimal Horticultural Series

AMS OSRAM, the renowned global leader in optical solutions, announced the launch of its latest horticulture innovation, a 640 nm red LED addition to the OSLON® Optimal Horticultural LED Series. This new addition is expected to significantly improve lighting solutions for plant growth, meeting the high demand for energy-efficient and effective horticultural lighting.

The innovative 640 nm red LED further strengthens the existing OSLON® Horticultural LED portfolio by providing increased photosynthetic photon flux (PPF), which is crucial for plant growth. Its primary application is in greenhouses, vertical farms, and other controlled environment agriculture (CEA) spaces, where it can help enhance crop yield and quality.

Explaining the significance of the development, Bianka Schnabel, Global Product Marketing Manager at ams OSRAM, said, “The introduction of the new 640 nm red LED underlines our ongoing commitment to providing advanced lighting solutions for horticulture. With this addition, our customers can benefit from even higher efficiency and improved plant growth.”

The OSLON® Horticultural LED series are designed for resilience and efficiency, ensuring they suit the harsh environments often found in horticulture settings. Thanks to its spectral optimization, the new 640 nm red LED significantly boosts energy efficiency – a core factor for horticultural lighting solutions due to the high energy demand associated with indoor farming.

This launch aligns with the growing trend of indoor farming and controlled environment agriculture. With urbanization and changing climatic conditions impacting traditional farming practices, there has been a rising demand for advanced horticultural lighting solutions. The OSLON® Horticultural LED series, enhanced by the 640 nm red LED, caters to this demand, enabling more efficient and sustainable indoor farming practices.

Developing the 640 nm red LED addition is a significant step in ams OSRAM’s mission to continue advancing its horticultural offerings. By expanding its product portfolio, the company is responding to market needs and supporting the global drive for more sustainable and efficient farming methods.

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