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Arkema’s Increased Production of DMDS

Arkema boosts DMDS production at its Beaumont facility in the U.S., with the rising demand for biofuels and decarbonization in transportation
Key Takeaways:
  • Arkema plans to boost its production of DMDS, a crucial additive for renewable fuels, at its Beaumont site in the U.S.
  • DMDS assists biorefineries in converting vegetable oils and agri-food waste into renewable fuels.
  • Arkema, the world leader in DMDS production, will be better positioned to serve its customers globally with increased capacities.
  • The investment of €130 million in the Beaumont site will lead to job creation and is projected to be operational by the second quarter of 2025.

In the ongoing race to transition towards a more sustainable future, the demand for biofuels, particularly for decarbonizing road and air transport, is witnessing an unprecedented surge. Arkema, a major specialty chemical industry player, is heeding this call by ramping up its global production capacity for dimethyl disulfide (DMDS) at its Beaumont facility in the United States.

The importance of biofuels cannot be overstated. By 2040, the demand for these green fuels will have doubled. One of the catalysts for such growth is DMDS. It has emerged as a critical solution, aiding biorefineries in converting vegetable oils and agri-food waste into renewable fuels. This is a crucial step for decarbonization, especially in the aviation sector.

Arkema’s prowess in DMDS production is widely recognized. As the world’s leading manufacturer of DMDS, the company offers a range of sulfur-based and specialty solutions. These cater to diverse needs, from facilitating the production of clean, renewable fuels to enhancing the efficacy of purification and transformation processes for which DMDS is designed. Beyond its application in renewable fuels, DMDS also finds use in crop protection and as a foundational ingredient in producing Sulfonyls, commonly used in electronics.

Arkema’s global footprint is impressive, boasting installed capacities in Lacq, France, and Kerteh, Malaysia. With the proposed boost in U.S. production capabilities, the company is poised to seamlessly serve its customers across three significant regions.

Laurent Tellier, Senior Vice-President Performance Additives at Arkema, emphasized the significance of this move. “This latest investment on the Beaumont site in Texas will make it possible to meet the strong growth in demand, particularly in the United States, and also provide a local supply in the region. This project aligns with Arkema’s wish to support the transition to renewable energies,” he commented.

Furthermore, the €130 million investment signals more than just increased production capabilities. It heralds the creation of new jobs at the Beaumont site, reinforcing its upstream and downstream integration.

Arkema’s commitment to sustainable materials and solutions is evident. With a 2022 sales report showcasing a whopping €11.5 billion and operations spanning 55 countries, the Group’s emphasis on developing innovative solutions for challenges such as new energies, water access, recycling, and mobility is more pronounced than ever. As Arkema continues to focus on its expertise in materials science and its ambition to be a significant player in Specialty Materials by 2024, it seems set to further its position as a pivotal player in the sustainable future we all envision.

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