BII grants €1.3M each to six life science start-ups in its third Venture House cohort, boosting business growth and scientific research.
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BII’s Venture House Program Funds Six Life Science Start-ups

The BioInnovation Institute (BII), an international non-profit foundation committed to incubating and accelerating life science research of global significance, has announced that six companies are set to receive additional financial support through its Venture House program.

This pioneering program offers selected companies a founder-friendly convertible loan of EUR 1.3M to drive their next growth phase. These companies have benefitted from BII’s Venture Lab initiative, a 12-month program focused on business acceleration, scientific research, and team development. Since its inception in August 2022, Venture House has been rolling out its third cohort of promising companies.

In addition to financial support, the companies will leverage BII’s robust network to establish a strong board, a chairman, and critical scientific advisors, thereby significantly enhancing their business strategy and product development potential.

Venture House employs a structured approach involving four executive sprints, each aimed at a critical development area to help the project mature and secure further funding. The first sprint is devoted to operational planning, followed by subsequent sprints covering fundraising, partnership-building, and leadership training.

The six companies selected for this round represent a range of innovative solutions in the life science sector:

  1. TriptoBIO – Aiming to replace rat poison by developing a high-value plant compound production platform focused on triptolide.
  2. Agrobiomics – Committed to making agriculture resilient to climate change with natural, affordable, and potent solutions for combating abiotic stress.
  3. MATR Foods – Working to produce plant-based foods from the side streams of the current food industry.
  4. HHC Medical – Developing a platform technology for non-viral delivery of genetic therapies, targeting specific volumes within the body.
  5. Solid Therapeutics – Focused on creating novel cancer therapeutics targeting cancer and immune cells.
  6. FimmCyte – Specializing in women’s health, with its lead program in a first-of-its-kind disease-modifying treatment for endometriosis, in partnership with Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

“BII is thrilled to continue our relationship with these six promising companies,” said Bobby Soni, Chief Business Officer at BioInnovation Institute. “Each company aligns well with BII’s mission to deliver solutions that benefit people and society.”

Since its establishment in 2018, BII has supported 87 start-ups and projects with EUR 85 million. The venture capital, industry insights, and business acumen provided by BII have been instrumental in helping these start-ups raise over EUR 424 million from local and international investors.

By leveraging its experience, network, and financial capabilities, the BioInnovation Institute aims to empower these start-ups to push the boundaries of life science, fostering solutions that benefit people and society at large. With 1.8M EUR invested in each of these six companies, BII continues to invest in the future of life science and innovation.

Image provided by The BioInnovation Institute

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