Biotalys' Evoca Shows Promising Results in Field Trials for Crop Protection
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Biotalys’ Evoca Shows Promising Results in Field Trials for Crop Protection

Biotalys, an Agricultural Technology (AgTech) company listed on Euronext (BTLS), has disclosed the promising initial results of its recent field trials for its premier biocontrol product, Evoca. Throughout 2022, the company conducted over 160 extensive field trials in collaboration with leading industry players such as Biobest and Beck Ag. These trials were performed across a broad range of crops to bolster the positioning of its product in the European Union and the United States.

In line with previous years, the 2022 field trials demonstrated remarkable results for using Evoca against Botrytis in grapes. Again, the original Evoca and an improved formulation consistently met or surpassed a leading chemical fungicide and biological solution against Botrytis, further validating the product’s efficacy and reliability in combating fungal diseases that can devastate yields if not treated.

Evoca has proven to be a viable alternative for standard chemical applications during the critical flowering phase in integrated pest management (IPM) programs. It effectively protected against Botrytis across large-scale trials conducted throughout the United States and Europe. Additionally, vinification trials confirmed that Evoca has no adverse impact on wine quality and taste.

Lacey Cole, Head of Business Development and Marketing in the Americas at Biotalys, stated, “Our field trial results have validated that Biotalys’ first biocontrol product Evoca can bridge the gap between the performance and convenience of chemical solutions and the safety and sustainability profiles of biological solutions for produce growers.” She added that Biotalys is working closely with industry leaders to determine the optimal ways and times to integrate newer, safer, and more sustainable crop protection solutions like Evoca into growers’ established IPM programs.

Biotalys also evaluated Evoca on other high-value fruits and vegetables. Key findings indicate that Evoca protected cucumbers against powdery mildew in Europe, performed similarly to other biologicals against Botrytis fruit rot in strawberries, and demonstrated comparable efficacy against powdery mildew in tomatoes. Moreover, Biotalys initiated field trials on blueberries for the first time, with further trials planned.

Luc Maertens, COO of Biotalys, affirmed, “Through our comprehensive field trial assessment with Evoca, our first protein-based biofungicide is paving the way for an entire line of next-generation biocontrols that will provide the winning combination of safety and efficacy.”

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