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Brinc Launches Inaugural Climate Tech Accelerator Program Featuring Four Innovative Startups

Brinc Launches Inaugural Climate Tech Accelerator Program Featuring Four Innovative Startups

Brinc announced the debut of its Climate Tech accelerator, a leading global venture accelerator, with an inaugural cohort of four innovative startups commencing its Summer 2023 program.

The first Climate Tech cohort comprises a select group of enterprising ventures focused on tackling carbon dioxide removal (CDR) on a global scale. The entrepreneurs at the helm of these startups will undergo an intensive three-month program, which includes a curriculum specifically tailored to the unique needs of this cohort. In addition, they will benefit from fundraising support, guidance for scaling up, and network introductions to follow-on investors, expert mentors, and industry corporations.

Key stakeholders supporting Brinc’s debut Climate Tech program include Artesian, Carbon Business Council, CO2CRC, Direct Air Capture Coalition, and PML Applications.

Manav Gupta, Founder, and CEO of Brinc, expressed his enthusiasm for the new program: “While areas such as mobility and transportation have received the most attention from climate tech investment, Brinc is shifting focus to where we can make the most significant impact as early-stage investors. The inaugural Climate Tech cohort and program focus specifically on CDR. While there is undoubtedly a long road ahead in combating this pressing global issue, Brinc has prioritized our focus and efforts. I’m thrilled to witness the innovation and passion these companies bring to the table.”

Here are the four innovative startups comprising Brinc’s Summer 2023 Climate Tech cohort:

  1. Poas Bioenergy (Costa Rica) – Poas Bioenergy uses an innovative and adaptable reactor system to transform agricultural waste, such as coffee and pineapple residue, into valuable resources. Its circular economy solution addresses waste management and holds promise for generating clean, local energy.
  2. Airhive (United Kingdom)
  3. CarbonBridge (United States)
  4. Formwork IO (Hong Kong)

This innovative cohort demonstrates the diverse ways early-stage startups can contribute to the fight against climate change and highlights Brinc’s commitment to nurturing such ventures.

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