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Canobi AgTech Co-Venture Creates Disruptive Growing solution

Growpipes & Canobi AgTech Join forces

Canobi AgTech of Maxville, Ontario is very pleased to announce a partnership with GROWPIPESTM of Sweden to bring GROWPIPESTM indoor farming technology to the fast-growing global market for locally- produced, zero-pesticide indoor food production. GROWPIPES and Canobi have combined their technologies to create a robust, low-cost, lightweight growing solution – complete with remote monitoring and AI capabilities provided by Canobi’s AGRPTM SaaS software.

The GROWPIPES/Canobi solution will be on display via an augmented reality presentation at the HORTI ASIA show, May 25th to 27th, 2022 at BITEC, Bangkok, Thailand, in conjunction with AGRITECHNICA ASIA, the region’s largest trade exhibition for smart horticulture. The exceptional flexibility and scalability of the GROWPIPES/Canobi solution makes it ideal for brownfield sites and remote installations, enhancing food security for under-served communities around the world.


GROWPIPES will contribute to a better and greener future by providing a hydroponic plant system that will help to transform vertical farming from a high-end product to a more accessible and sustainable offering.

Their story began four years ago. While setting up and indoor farm in Gothenburg, Sweden the team tested several different vertical systems available on the market. When none of the systems lived up to their expectations, they decided to design and manufacture their own system. The patented solution is highly scalable and adaptable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation. GROWPIPES are distributed through a growing network of partners in multiple countries including Spain, South Africa, Romania, Thailand, and Canada.

Canobi AgTech

Maxville-based Canobi AgTech is the brainchild of ERP veteran and indoor farming visionary Robin Vincent. After six years of consulting in Indoor Farm Management, it was a mandate to build a secure IT network for research into medical cannabis for paediatric oncology that crystallized Robin’s vision. He saw a future where data-driven farming would actualize the dream of indoor agriculture at scale. Food security, mitigating the impacts of climate change, and commercial agriculture sustainability are at the core of Canobi’s vision of empowering

Local indoor farming to feed the world sustainably. Canobi’s AGRP (Agricultural Resource PlanningTM) platform integrates monitoring and automation technology with powerful business planning tools to streamline indoor farming operations. Working with indoor farmers, agri-agents, agricultural device and systems manufacturers and farm developers across North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, Canobi is on the fast track to becoming the global operating system for indoor agriculture.

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