AgTech Artifical Intelligence Corporate Digital Solutions Mergers & Acquisitions

KPM Analytics Announced Acquiring Smart Vision Works

KPM Analytics’ acquisition of Smart Vision Works is a strategic move that enables the company to expand its reach in the food and agriculture industry. With Smart Vision Works’ proprietary […]

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Artifical Intelligence Controlled Environment Agriculture Partnerships

How AI and CEA Can Feed The World

As the world’s population continues to grow, global food production must increase by around 70% by 2050 to ensure that everyone has access to food. With traditional farmland decreasing due […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Controlled Environment Agriculture Corporate Funding Round

Astanor Ventures Leads’s $23M Funding for Sustainable Greenhouse AI, a technology company that provides AI-powered solutions to greenhouse growers, has closed a $23 million Series A funding round, bringing its total funding to $35 million in less than […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Controlled Environment Agriculture Robotics

Artificial Intelligence & Robotics’ Role In Tomorrow’s Agriculture

Artechno Grow Systems is an automated vertical farm supplier engaged in developing vertical hydroponic cultivation systems. Art van Rijn founded Artechno Grow Systems in the late 80s to innovate how […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Digital Solutions

WayBeyond Reveals New Tool For Maintaining Optimal Plant Growth

WayBeyond, a company at the forefront of innovative solutions for the agriculture industry, has just introduced a new tool for maintaining optimal plant growth: the Plant Balance Indicator. This cutting-edge […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Digital Solutions

Alphabet’s Mineral: Harnessing Data Analytics for Agriculture Innovation

Mineral strives to supply enterprises in the food, agricultural, and technology sectors with fundamental and useful data and insights. Since 2017, Alphabet, the parent company of Google, has been quietly […]

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AgTech Artifical Intelligence Digital Solutions Events Robotics

CES 2023 Marked By Robotics & Automation For Farming

A dazzling week of product introductions, significant business announcements, and technological advancements that will assist to address global concerns brought CES 2023 to a close yesterday. Over 115,000 business people […]

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Artifical Intelligence Corporate Partnerships

Qeleo Technologies Join Forces With Terra Sana

A cooperation between Qeleo and Terra Sana has been announced. Qeleo is a pioneer in linked AI for businesses worldwide. Terra Sana is a pioneer in biotechnology, modular vertical farming […]

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Artifical Intelligence Cultures Horticulture

MIGAL’s Advanced AI Quadruples Cucumber Postharvest Life

Laboratory results confirm that “smart,” algorithmically-guided sequencing and combinations of produce treatments can dramatically extend postharvest life  Next horizon: developing algorithms to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of Vertical Agriculture techniques […]

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Artifical Intelligence Digital Solutions

Rise Of AI Increases Cyber-Attack Risks

A research paper by Tzachor, et al, warns that the future use of artificial intelligence in agriculture comes with substantial potential risks for farms, farmers and food security that are […]

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