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Agrify Latest News: Results For FY22 & Q1 2023

Key Takeaways Agrify reported a challenging fiscal year in 2022 but made strategic adjustments in 2023. Q1 2023 saw a decline in revenue.

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Bosman Van Zaal Latest News: Collaborates With Bruynzeel

Key Takeaways Innovative Collaboration: Bosman Van Zaal and Bruynzeel collaborate to launch OptiRack Grow™, a vertical farm system. Comprehensive Solution: Integrates climate, irrigation,.

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Planet Farms Latest News: Secures $40M To Expand in Italy & UK

Key Takeaways Planet Farms, an Italian company specializing in controlled environment agriculture, has raised $40 million in a new funding round. This capital.

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Philips Horticulture News: Join Forces With Siemens to Innovate Vertical Farming

Key Takeaways: Setting Industry Standards: Together, Philips Horticulture and Siemens are committed to exploring and establishing new standards in the vertical farming industry. This.

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Agritecture Designer’s Role in Raiz Vertical Farms’ Success in Lisbon

Key Takeaways: Agritecture Designer is a comprehensive tool that aids vertical farming entrepreneurs in education, financial planning, and networking and helps Raiz Vertical.

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Intelligent Growth Solutions News: Earns B Corp Certification

Key Takeaways: Intelligent Growth Solutions (IGS) has achieved B Corp certification. The certification marks a significant milestone in IGS’s sustainability and social responsibility.

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Jungle Achieves B Corp Certification

Key Takeaways: Jungle has recently obtained the prestigious B Corp certification. This achievement underscores Jungle’s commitment to innovative and responsible agriculture. Vertical farming,.

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FarmByte and Archisen Partner

Key Takeaways Strategic Partnership: FarmByte Sdn Bhd and Archisen Pte Ltd have entered a head of agreement to collaborate on vertical farming initiatives.

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Vertical Farming in Japan: Spotlight On Local Innovators

As the global population inches closer to the 10 billion mark, the daunting challenge of providing ample, nutritious food while mitigating environmental impact has.

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Plenty Unlimited News: Leadership Appointmen

Key Takeaways Significant Development in Indoor Agriculture: Plenty Unlimited Inc. is establishing the largest and most advanced indoor vertical farming research center in.

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