AgriSea CEO Clare Bradley receives the Robin Davidson Memorial Award for exemplary leadership and contributions to the agritech sector
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Clare Bradley Honored with Robin Davidson Memorial Award

In a gathering at Parliament, AgriTech New Zealand held a distinguished event to honor exceptional contributions to the agritech industry. The event marked a significant milestone in the industry’s evolution, celebrating those who have exhibited outstanding leadership, dedication to collaboration, and unwavering support for community development. At the heart of the event was the presentation of the Robin Davidson Memorial Award to AgriSea CEO Clare Bradley, highlighting her exceptional commitment and achievements.

Named in memory of the late Robin Davidson, this award recognizes individuals who excel in their professional endeavors and embody good citizenship through collaborative efforts and a strong commitment to the growth and nurturing of others in the community.

The nominations for the award were of exceptional quality, a testament to the caliber of individuals who drive the agritech industry forward. After careful consideration, Clare Bradley emerged as the deserving recipient of this prestigious accolade. Her tireless work as a passionate advocate for the agritech industry, coupled with her dedication to the well-being of people and the planet.

Bridgit Hawkins, Chair of AgriTech New Zealand, emphasized Clare Bradley’s outstanding qualities. She described Clare as an inspiring role model who readily shares her time, knowledge, and support with all those connected to the industry. Clare Bradley’s commitment and behavior closely align with the principles exemplified by Robin Davidson, making her an exceptional choice for the award.

The award ceremony was attended by over a hundred representatives from the agritech sector. Amidst the celebration, another pivotal figure in the industry was acknowledged for his substantial contributions. Wharf42 CEO Peter Wren-Hilton was honored with the Agritech Lifetime Achievement Award. Although Peter was unable to attend in person due to overseas engagements, his acceptance speech was warmly received through a pre-recorded video.

Peter Wren-Hilton’s contributions to the agritech industry have spanned many years. His visionary approach to positioning New Zealand as a global leader in agritech has been instrumental in driving the industry’s growth. Through his efforts, he has fostered an ecosystem of collaboration and connection that has united agritech experts from around the world. Brendan O’Connell, CEO of AgriTech New Zealand, praised Peter’s dedication and noted that the award was a fitting recognition of his long-standing commitment.

Both Clare Bradley and Peter Wren-Hilton acknowledged the significance of collaboration in their achievements. They acknowledged the unwavering support of their families and the contributions of their collaborators across the sector. The event not only recognized their individual efforts but also underscored the power of collective action in propelling the agritech industry forward.

Image provided by AgriTech New Zealand

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