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Common Farms, K11 & Nespresso Launch Sustainability Concept

Nespresso Common Farms and K11 Musea partnership indoor farms

In partnership with K11 Musea and Common Farms, Nespresso has launched a new sustainability concept named RE:FARM. The concept, aims to showcasing the journey of Coffee, “from the capsule to cup to the dining table”. The show will run from September 2022 to June 2023 in Hong-Kong where visitors can interact with the results of Nespresso’s sustainability engagements.

At RE:FARM, visitors have a unique opportunity to witness Nespresso’s sustainable circular system in action. An on-site recycler separates coffee capsules from the coffee grounds and recycles the aluminum to make second life products.

Meanwhile, Nespresso’s composter turns spent coffee grounds into rich nutrients that will be used to bring life to new produce. Composted coffee grounds serve as an excellent fertilizer and offer numerous benefits in farming, such as improved soil drainage, water retention, and aeration.

The process enables also to acidify the soil, acting as a natural repellent that deters pests from damaging crops. RE:FARM uses this compost to grow a variety of herbs, microgreens, and edible flowers within self-contained farming units, which are later harvested and sent to selected Nespresso partner restaurants in K11 MUSEA and Rosewood Hong Kong, including Asaya Kitchen, Chaat, Deng G, Yung’s Bistro, and other dining establishments that will be joining the project over its nine-month run.

As part of the RE:FARM experience, customers are invited to savour the products of Nespresso’s circular journey through delicious microgreens and herbs harvested from RE:FARM in specially designed menus available at participating restaurants.

Through a journey that sees resources travel from farm to capsule to cup, and back to the farm, Nespresso’s own circular economy aims to transform the “take-make-waste” model into a sustainable system that maintains value and minimises waste. Nespresso hopes to leave visitors with a new understanding and appreciation for circularity through RE:FARM, where end-of-life materials are reimagined and reused as resources rather than waste. In promoting restoration and regeneration, Nespresso continues to hold fast to its commitment to create long-term, positive impact in the world.

Image provided by Nespresso, Common Farms, and K11 Musea. 

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