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CoteX Technologies & Nutrien Partner to Enhance Nitrogen Sustainability

CoteX Technologies & Nutrien Partner to Enhance Nitrogen Sustainability

Key Takeaways

  1. Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) Signed: CoteX Technologies and Nutrien have entered an MOU for joint commercialization of an environmentally friendly nitrogen fertilizer technology.
  2. Innovative Technology: CoteX developed a biodegradable, controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) coating, enhancing environmental sustainability.
  3. Global Agricultural Impact: The collaboration aims to address global agricultural challenges by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and minimizing nitrogen loss.
  4. Cost-Efficiency and Versatility: CoteX’s coating process offers a more cost-effective and versatile alternative to liquid coatings.
  5. Commitment to Sustainability: Both companies emphasize their dedication to sustainable agricultural practices and long-term stakeholder value.

CoteX Technologies, a rising Canadian agricultural tech sector star, has partnered with Nutrien, the world’s most significant crop inputs and services provider. This collaboration was formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), focusing on developing an affordable, eco-friendly nitrogen fertilizer for large-scale crops in North America​.

Innovation in Fertilizer Technology

CoteX Technologies, based in Nova Scotia, Canada, has engineered a groundbreaking, low-cost controlled-release fertilizer (CRF) coating. This innovative, biodegradable coating enables the gradual release of fertilizer into the soil, significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and residual waste​.

Global Agricultural Impact

The MOU represents a significant advancement for global agriculture. Over 110 million tonnes of nitrogen fertilizer are used annually worldwide. Nitrogen is essential for plant growth, and the new controlled-release fertilizer aims to deliver this vital nutrient more efficiently, reducing runoff into waterways and decreasing greenhouse gas emissions​.

Economic and Environmental Benefits

Santosh Yadav, CEO of CoteX Technologies, highlights their coating process’s cost-effectiveness and environmental benefits. This technology presents an opportunity to minimize nitrogen loss to the environment. Trevor Williams from Nutrien echoed these sentiments, stressing the potential to enhance nitrogen application efficiency, thereby aiding farmers in increasing yields sustainably​.

Photo by Carl Tronders on Unsplash 

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