Developing Fully Integrated CEA Facilities wth Kris Nightengale (KyleTalksAgtech #225)
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Developing Fully Integrated CEA Facilities wth Kris Nightengale (KyleTalksAgtech #225)

In the recent episode of CropTalk, #KyleTalksAgtech, Kyle Barnett converses with Kris Nightengale, Vice President of Sales at AdeptAg (website). This episode focuses on the intriguing origin story of AdeptAg, highlighting how a team of experienced horticulture professionals decided to join forces and create something new in the industry.

Kris offers a fascinating account of AdeptAg’s inception story, demonstrating its founding team’s unique vision and approach. Composed of seasoned professionals from various sectors within horticulture, the team, with their wealth of experience and skills, identified a unique opportunity in the realm of Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). Their vision was to leverage their combined expertise to develop fully integrated CEA facilities, bringing unprecedented advancements to the industry.

Describing the landscape of the CEA industry, Kris invokes an image of an iceberg. Just as the visible section of the iceberg represents only a tiny fraction of its entire mass, the visible facets of the CEA industry barely scratch the surface of its hidden complexities.

Kris further elaborates on the ‘submerged’ complexities of operating fully integrated CEA facilities. This includes harnessing advanced technology, ensuring optimal resource utilization, staying attuned to shifting market trends and adhering to rigorous regulations. These underlying factors serve as the industry’s bedrock, influencing the direction and speed of innovation.

This enlightening conversation offers an in-depth look at some of the less-explored aspects of the CEA industry and the role that companies like AdeptAg play in its ongoing development. With a dedicated team and a strategic approach to creating fully integrated CEA facilities, AdeptAg is well-positioned to make significant contributions to the evolution of the CEA sector. Stay tuned to #KyleTalksAgtech for more comprehensive discussions about the agricultural technology space.

Listen to the full episode here:

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