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ONIT Sciences and MGX Global Trade Canada Corp Form Exclusive Partnership

ONIT Sciences and MGX Global Trade Canada Corp Form Exclusive Partnership

ONIT Sciences, an organization specializing in organic agricultural input technologies, and international import/export firm MGX Global Trade Canada Corp have officially declared a joint venture. MGX will become the sole authorized distributor for ONIT’s revolutionary organic products across three significant agricultural zones.

Jeff Moses, the President of ONIT Sciences, reaffirmed the firm’s commitment to natural, organic agricultural inputs through this partnership with MGX. He asserted that these organic products would perform on par with, if not better than, conventional chemical products. Moses highly appreciates MGX’s impressive performance, elite team, and deep-rooted ties with major crop producers across their regions. “We are looking forward to venturing into these new markets and assisting organic initiatives in nations impacted by chemical farming practices,” Moses stated.

MGX will distribute all ONIT Science products, including their flagship ONIT Grow™. This potent bio-stimulant, surfactant, and soil amendment use completely natural, organic constituents to penetrate even the most challenging plant surface, thereby boosting plant strength and yield. Some crops have recorded a yield increase of up to 40%. Also on offer through MGX are the company’s ONIT Input Plus™ and ONIT Input™ products. These products assist farmers in significantly lowering costs by improving nutrient, fertilizer, or other input absorption when mixed with them.

Founder of MGX Global Trade Canada Corp, Moe Negin, is thrilled about this new venture. He believes that ONIT’s organic products will be positively received by the agricultural communities and governments, thereby augmenting their existing lineup of quality products. “Our objective is to aid local communities in rural regions by supplying eco-friendly products, thereby contributing to our planet’s health and the wellness of future generations,” Negin expressed.

The territories covered by this exclusive Authorized Distributor agreement include South America (Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Mexico, Panama, Argentina, Chile), Middle East/North Africa (Algeria, Turkey, Dubai, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt, Oman, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Lebanon, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Yemen), and the Philippines.

Moe Negin mentioned the budding interest in ONIT products in South America, highlighting ongoing collaborations with local governments and Ministries of Agriculture. Mr. Negin anticipates rising demand for ONIT products in the Middle East and Africa, backed by burgeoning research on their effectiveness. He further outlined plans to develop unique formulations for these regions’ geographical and crop-specific needs.

The partnership will officially kick off in July, with the MGX team and ONIT representatives attending South America’s largest Agro Expo in Bogota, Colombia.

Photo by Alok Shenoy on Unsplash 

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